She holds the cookie


This is a polite way of saying the woman has what the man wants, because as anyone who’s tasted a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie knows, it’s darn near irresistible. That gives a woman enormous power over her male counterpart. It’s a mystery to me why women haven’t more fully exploited that power. After all, they could dangle the cookie in front of our noses so much more than they do. Okay, I can appreciate 3000 years of patriarchal socialization hell bent on convincing each and every woman that her cookie was best kept in the cookie jar, or that the taste of her cookie was overrated, or perhaps, in fact, she had no cookie at all. Still, I can’t imagine it would take more than one experience with the male gender for a female to spot the falsehood in every crumb of that propaganda!

In light of this, I think the feminists had (and still have) it all wrong. In fact in my opinion, the feminist movement set women back more than it ushered them forward. Certainly motivating woman to compete head-to-head with men was and is a commendable cause. But it attempts this by encouraging women to adopt and play by men’s rules, even to the extreme where many have donned “professional” business suits and neckties. The emphasis is shifted away from being feminine, supposedly because exhibiting female sexuality is seen as maintaining an “eye candy” image that panders to the male gender. In many ways, feminists want to be just like men, when in reality they can never be. They are different on just about every level. And this is precisely as nature intended. I say, viva la difference!

I’m simply suggesting that Mother Nature bestowed upon woman her female sexuality for a reason: to give her the ultimate power over the male gender. Why? So that she can exercise control. I suspect all men know this on some level, which is why they have suppressed women through the ages. Basically, men are afraid of women because we know deep down they indeed hold the cookie, that we are powerless to resist female sexuality. As women openly embrace their sexuality and unabashedly use the power it provides, they will rule in ways the feminists never dared to imagine. No, let me rephrase that. Women will reshape marriages, relationships and society into whatever forms they think they should be.

Perhaps a female reader (assuming I have any) might care to share her thoughts on this.


Anonymous said...

You do have female readers -- at least one! I am a dominant woman who has been involved in a beautiful D/s relationship for 2 years. I have never been happer in my life. We are contributing to a new female-led society, one relationship at a time.

You are absolutely right ... if more women realized the incredible sexual power they have over men they would be much better off! Control the cock, control the man.

Why on earth would a woman want to act and dress like a man? I enjoy my femininity and use my sexuality to my advantage. I'm treated like a Queen ... honored and respected.

I love your writing ... you're very talented!

VeezKnight said...

Thank you for the compliment, Anon. And I agree that we are contributing to female authority and leadership one relationship at a time (maybe even two and three at a time...LOL).

Your sentiment seems to mirror that of my wife. I do believe she would sooner walk barefoot across hot embers before wearing a pair of clunky shoes. But the thing is, she doesn't do it to provide eye candy for men. Rather, she simply revels in her femininity and seems to grown more and more comfortable with her female sexuality as she gets older. She says that when she was younger, she grossly under estimated the power of her sexuality.

From my standpoint, if this makes any sense, the more my wife embraces her female sexuality and expects to be treated as a Goddess, the greater her power becomes... WITHOUT her using that power in an overt fashion. It just happens.

oldbear said...

Hi VK, while I almost totally agree with the overall gist of your post, and wonder why more ladies do not use what was called feminine wiles to get what they want I would like to offersome subtle things I think bear mentioning.

My workplace is shambles right now because some incompetent young hotties have come in and used their sexuality to get power they are not qualified for nor competent to wield. Personal Morality is needed more than ever in such cases to prevent abuse of the awesome power of the sexually aware female.

The other thing is that the feminist movement did not set women back more than advance them. It was so bad back then (early 60s) that women were denied occupation and education on the basis of gender alone. In life and in marriage their roles were largely predetermined, enforced by a general societal acceptance of gender apartheid.

Reproductive rights were about as non existant as they are in Mississippi today, and most state had statutes saying that a man could not be charged with raping his wife.

I agree that as time went on the focus of those who favor empowering women should have been shifted partly to encourge ladies to use those sexual powers. But like all else with sex involved, open honest public discourse is quashed by the puritancial bent of the American body politic.

I am a redneck gunowner who is as far froma Gloria Allred by instinct as can be. But as with FemDom and LFA and male gender roles the challenge is to use our rational minds to control or ovverride our emotions and concede respect and gratitude to those who have changed us for the better.

I still agree with your post VK, you know I love what you are about and how you protect and promote Female Authority. I just had to stick up for my feminist forebears. Love to you and , them, OB.

Lady Julia said...

I agree with Anon... you are a very talented writer. I haven't been here for awhile and I'm just catching up with all the wonderful posts you've made.

Femininity is something that has been at my core since puberty. I relish in the feel of certain fabrics against my skin. I enjoy allowing my eyes to trace the outline of my calf in the mirror when I am wearing heels. And... I find it very satisifying to know that my femininity is something that takes his breath away and gently persuades him that being on his knees for me is a wonderful place to be.