My Goddess, the Physicist

I like having a marriage in which my wife is in authority. Why, I’m not completely sure, but I suspect it lends credibility to the argument that a subconscious need to submit to authority is buried deep within the male psyche. But not just any authority: Female Authority. I am not the sort of guy who enjoys being controlled and continually told what to do. I could not, for example, flourish in a military career because I would not enjoy following orders 24/7, especially orders that made no sense to me or with which I might not agree. Yet submitting to my wife is different. I love and trust Goddess V, and I know she loves and trusts me. So that makes her authority feel, well, comfortable and welcome.

But there’s more to it than this. It’s almost as if it reaches inside of me to find an opposite persona, a reverse me if you will. It’s kind of like matter and antimatter. The “other” me looks the same and is an integral part of my makeup, just as antimatter looks identical to and is a fundamental part of regular matter. But the electrical charge is opposite and the resulting feelings I experience are wholly different. They are arousing, exhilarating, even liberating in an nearly indefinable way. The greater my wife’s dominance (okay… Loving Female Authority for those who find the term FemDom a tad too intimidating), the greater the intensity of these feelings—and I must say, the better I like it.

More importantly, as when antiparticles collide with regular matter particles, when my submissive side meets my more traditional persona, energy is released. One of the laws of physics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It follows then that this energy is present all along but lying dormant. Either that or typical macho energy is converted into a more useful form. It takes female authority addressing my submissive nature to release it. Happily, because I submit to Goddess V of my own free will, it gives her license to channel this energy into whatever pleases her.


Lady Julia said...

This was a wonderfully well written, introspective piece. Thanks for sharing it.

oldbear said...

Hi VK, I think this is a great post adressing the need for opposites to attact, and adding the concept of energy release.

I would add tht to me male servitude is more like the physics of semiconductors. There is a probability density function for my submissive attraction.

Below a certain level of mental or physical or emotional stimulation my submission will not flow. I still believe in LFA and males servitude, but it is latent and not manifest in any deed.

But things like the sound of bootheels, or a sexy perfume, or sunlight on a ladies hair, or the voice of my love, or the thought of making her happy act like a biasing charge to a transistor.

A very small input of tactile or visual or mental stimulation can release a flurry of Servile or sexual or sensual effort!

VK, Thank you for opening up an unconventional window to our attraction to Ladies! You so right, great Knight!