Internet nonsense


I am constantly amazed at the nonsense one can find on the Internet, some of it posted by seemingly well-meaning people. Consider this recent post in a forum about disciplinary wives:
“I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to understand a man with a small penis might be more submissive than a man with a normal or large penise. As society and/or human nature views anything to do with ‘normal’, the penis is rather significant. Many men with this problem consider themselves inadequate and as such, submission to women is almost necessary for a marriage or relationship, to work.”
The fellow concluded by saying:
“There are usually reasons for smaller than a normal size [penis]. In my case, I was born 2 months premature in 1939. I missed the lineup for sexual organs and brains, and to be truthful, should never have married.”
No offense to the guy who wrote the post, but when I got to that last sentence, I couldn’t help but think …missed the lineup for brains? You can say THAT again! Does this mean that all submissive men are sub-standard in the endowment area? Is this what makes a man submissive—or not? What about a guy who is "cursed" with a big schlong? Would he physically be incapable of making an acceptable submissive? Maybe when pigs fly.

Over on another Loving Female Authority blog, a dominant friend of ours recently wrote about how submissive men routinely ask her if she enjoys humiliating men. Knowing that some submissive men want dominant women to make fun of their penises, telling them they are too small to be worthy or respect, she made it clear she has nothing but respect for a man who is submissive and gives himself up to her.

She said she sees no reason (and Goddess V and I concur) why a dominate woman must belittle the man who submits to her. While it's true that for many submissive men, a certain amount of humiliation in a relationship is welcome, there is nothing written in stone of which I am aware that says humiliation is required in a female-led relationship.

So way to go to those submissive guys who think they need to be treated as lowly worms for having tiny tools that couldn’t possible satisfy a woman. We men already take heat for thinking with the wrong heard… you know, the ‘little’ head that holds a brain far smaller then the ‘big’ head. With talk like this, you’re gonna create the impression that our already impaired thinking capacity is diminished even further among submissive men due to having small ‘little’ heads.

Here’s another hot one. The same dominant woman mentioned in her blog how she got an email from a guy asking her if she would like to cut off a man’s testicles and penis.

Can you imagine? Are there men out there who actually desire this? Or are they concerned that a dominant woman would actually want to do this to her man?

I had to chuckle at this one, not because it was so outlandish as to be absurd, but because it put me in mind of a time some years ago. Goddess V and I were out having fun with another couple when the subject turned to “pussy-whipped” husbands. The other husband and I joked about how when a guy gets married, the wife pretty takes control of this balls to the point where the guy has to ask something like, “Hey honey, can I wear my balls tonight?”

A few weeks later as a gag gift, since both of us had agreed we were no longer in possession of our family jewels, the same guy presented me with a set of truck testicles. This happened about the time Goddess V and I were talking about adopting a FemDom relationship. Before the evening was over, she had taken possession of my replacement balls and tucked them away in her purse for safe keeping. Goddess V usually carries a large purse—perhaps in case she encounters a large set of balls she needs to take control of—LOL.

No matter. I didn’t mind Goddess V taking away my testicles. I can assure you however, this was the closest we have ever come to anything remotely concerning castration.

The length (and girth?) of penetration

Across the Internet a friend recently wrote on her blog about “the length of sex”. I added a comment to that post and in so doing I thought I’d like to say a bit more. My own title here admittedly is misleading because I’ve deliberately alluded to what could be considered a corollary issue. My friend’s original post dealt only with duration of sex: specifically, an Australian study reporting common duration of sex (and I assume, penetration) to be between 3 and 13 minutes. That led to discussion and comments speculating as to whether or not prolonged penetration is truly preferable, and if not, why we as a culture might be predisposed to think that it is.

As a male I certainly can’t profess to be an expert on how women feel about penetration, but I’d hazard a guess that more men than women consider prolonged periods of penetration to be desirable if not necessary to truly satisfy a woman. I suspect the pornography industry is the culprit here. Male studs in these movies go and go and go before they, ah, cum. If they didn’t go the full distance during the original shoot (sorry, couldn’t resist), video can be edited in such a way as to give the impression that they did. I’ve watched some of those guys have at it and couldn’t help but think to myself, “Damn, he’s the man.” And what of the sex kittens on the business end of the impressive length and girth these studs always seem to wield? Not a whole lot of purring going on as far as kittens go, but if one can judge pleasure by the number of times they shout, “Oh yeah, oh yeah,” I’m guessing they love every exhausting minute.

Men need to get over their bad selves. I mean, where do guys get the idea that great sex… good sex… ANY kind of sex needs to revolve around that little guy between their legs. Yeah, I said little—compared to an eight pound baby (and I’ve popped out four of them), ALL cocks are little. Here’s another thought that might prick a few over inflated egos! Since VK and I went FemDom, we’ve had less intercourse—a lot less—and I’m having more powerful orgasms than ever. ☺ Intercourse, of any duration, no longer defines how we have sex. It can still be one of the ingredients, but when it is, it’s never the main event the way it used to be. You might say that I have reduced Vk’s penis to playing a less prominent role in our sexual activities.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against sexual intercourse. I think most women would admit there are times when a woman just wants a good, hard fuck. But I also think that’s more the exception than the rule. So apart from that, I like intercourse not so much for physical pleasure and more for the emotional connection it provides between two people who love each other. The fact of the matter is I never got off all that well during intercourse anyway—not nearly like I do in other ways. It always seemed to me that intercourse somehow benefited the man more than the woman anyway. I gave up too many mercy fucks in my twenties and thirties because I allowed a man to make me feel guilty if I denied him. It was easier just to spread my legs. I doubt there’s a wife on the planet who hasn’t made a grocery list in her head while hubby humped away. Oh how the rules have changed!