Nuts & Bolts


My CB3K and I are not yet old friends, but am developing a degree of familiarity with it. To date I haven’t worn the gizmo for more than six nights and five days in a row. We don’t have a particular routine for putting it on or taking it off. Goddess V is not given to regimentation the way some folks are. Being more of the free-spirited variety, she’s never been locked in (no pun intended) to doing much of anything “the right way” or in any particular order. Just this past weekend while getting ready for a barbeque, she mopped the kitchen floor before sweeping it. Now that’s just plain backwards in my opinion, but of course this is only my opinion.

For those of you who might say that I should have been the one mopping the floor, I’ll add that Goddess V had me busy doing a host of other chores. I was vacuuming and straightening up other areas of the house. Our marriage is such that, despite our growing FemDom relationship, we still share in household chores. Goddess V is not one to sit on the couch all day long watching television. With our busy schedules, quit simply, there are not enough hours in the day for one of us (me) to be responsible for all that needs to be done around the house. Later in the afternoon as our party got under way, I became the “kitchen bitch” as several of our guests called me. And that was fine. Goddess V was free to socialize and enjoy herself while I saw to the grilling and other details.

But getting back to my experience with the CB3K, it had been two weeks since I’d last worn it while out of town. This was mainly because she forgot to lock me up before I left town. She was a bit annoyed at this saying I should have reminded her. Perhaps I should have, but I figured if it had been a priority, she would have remembered. I didn’t think it was my place to say, “Oh, honey, don’t you want to lock me up? Remember I’m going out of town early tomorrow morning.” Anyway, last week we had been watching Wife Swap on the television. Afterward, Goddess V quipped that the first thing she would do when moving into the new household would be to lock up the husband. I smiled at that, to which she added, “Just the way I’m locking you up tonight. Go put it on and I’ll be along in a few minutes.” She came into our bedroom as I was still finagling with the darn contraption and watched until it was time to install the padlock. She got that big smile on her face as she snapped it shut. “Amazing,” she said. Then she added, “I think this time we’ll keep you this way until Sunday morning.”

Much as I am reluctant to admit it, I found the process arousing. So much so that I pulled Goddess V on top of me and we kissed passionately. Me naked save for my CB3000 and she in her silky pajamas. I had been sitting on the edge of the bed and had fallen backward with Goddess V on top of me. Kissing. Until those silk pajamas of hers literally caused her to slide right off the edge of the bed. We had a good laugh over that! It was Monday evening and my Goddess did in fact remain true to her word.

I’m still getting used to wearing my chastity device, because as I am sure you can imagine, it requires a certain period of adjustment (and discomfort). I will say that even though I can sometimes forget I am wearing it, it is a very real and tangible reminder of Goddess V’s authority. I won’t go so far as to say I enjoy having my penis under lock and key, but I have to admit I like (need) the constant reminder of my submissive role in our marriage. Sometimes I find it difficult to believe that I am wearing such a device. I’ll look at other men and wonder if they are locked up as well. Probably not. But I believe that many, if not most men could benefit from orgasm management and enforced chastity.

From the other perspective, by wearing the CB3K, it makes a statement to Goddess V about my willingness to submit to her. When you think about it, aside from my love, and maybe donating a vital organ or something like that, my giving her control over my sexual gratification is a precious gift. Yes, it is certainly one that she deserves, but it’s a gift nonetheless. So this is also a VERY good thing. She seems to enjoy seeing me naked while wearing the device. Due to children/privacy issues, this is usually only when we are in our bedroom dressing or undressing. I notice the contented and amused smile on her face when she sees the lock to which only she holds the key. (I now think, hell, she has always held the figurative key to my heart, so what’s the big deal if she holds the literal key to my cock.) Goddess V also enjoys knowing I am wearing it when we go out together. Just last Thursday evening we were out having dinner after my return to town. A friend made a provocative statement in fun to which I joked, “Oh boy, I’m getting hard at that!” Goddess V was quick to put her hand in my crotch to feel my CB3K and say, “Lemme see. Oh, yeah, he’s hard all right.” Little do our friends know, which adds to the spice!

Regarding the nuts and bolts, I’m still experimenting with base ring, lock pin and spacer sizes. I takes trial and error and I’m not sure I have yet found the happy medium between comfort (especially at night) and not having one or both testicles slip through the base ring. For those who may soon find themselves faced with wearing a CB3K, I can offer this practical advice:

1. There are five different size base rings, 5 different spacers and 3 different length lock pins to choose from. Count on spending some time experimenting with various combinations. So far it’s taken me five or six trials to arrive at a combination that seems to be working reasonably comfortable while remaining secure.

2. The base rings are hinged on one side to make it easier to install. Essentially you can work it around behind your testicles then close it up over your penis. Be careful when closing the ring as it is easy to give yourself a nasty pinch that can break the skin. I did.

3. The two guide pins attached to the tube that fit into base ring are longer than necessary and will protrude into your groin while wearing the unit. So you’ll need to cut them down, but don’t do it until you get the spacing/size issue settled. If you end up cutting them too short, things won’t stay together and secure.

4. The body of the brass lock has well-defined edges and corners that, though not sharp, are somewhat severe. When it’s locked in place, it hangs down onto the tube right where there are three elongated vents holes in the tube. Certain ways you move, the lock pin will turn, turning the lock along with it and causing a corner of the lock to pinch any skin of your penis that has pillowed up through the vent holes. I’d recommend you take a metal file to the bottom edges and corners of the lock. Round them off nicely to minimize this.

5. Yes, you can still stand to pee through a slot at the end of the tube. BUT, if things aren’t lined up just so, it can get messy. Perhaps because of the angles involved, I have found it much easier when using a urinal. When using a toilet, it’s just easier to pee like a girl, plus you won’t have to worry about sprinkling the front of your pants or mopping up splatters on the floor.

6. Don’t even think of using it without baby oil. First, unless you are very small, you’ll be hard pressed to jam your flaccid willy into the tube. A light coating of baby oil makes it so much easier to accomplish. Secondly, as you move, bend, sit, stand, your penis needs to slide back and forth within the tube in which it is encased. Here again, baby oil facilitates this. After a shower, use a Q-tip to reapply a bit oil, especially to the head.

7. Don’t worry about anyone knowing what’s going on between your legs. The CB3K really is virtually undetectable under most trousers and even jeans.

8. Even though during periods of immobility you may nearly forget about it, you have only to move a certain way, or bend over, or roll over in bed to be reminded that you are under lock and key. Expect to receive a pinch now and then.

9. The device shuts down full erections, but expect to awake at night or in the morning in pain. It pushes the tube forward. Since the tube is locked to the base ring, this pulls on the testicles stretching them forward and hence, causes a fair amount of discomfort.