Is LFA Really an Issue?

I read where iobey recently wrote on his submissive male blog: “Unfortunately, the majority of women out there have no interest in being served by a submissive man. They find the concept unappealing and rather ridiculous. Yet, I suspect that for many of these women - though they wish to have things in a relationship 'their way' - the tradeoff of dating a man who is submissive and service-oriented simply doesn't do much for them.”

I disagree.

I think most women DO want a man to submit to them, in so far as they want control in a relationship. They just don’t like to be seen as wanting control. But be that as it may, I also think we spend too much time and energy analyzing and debating this. Is Loving Female Authority truly a good thing? Is it what nature intended? Do women want to dominate? Should they dominate? Will they agree to dominate? Do men really want to submit to women? It goes on and on. But who is doing most of this debating? It seems to me it’s mostly men. Could it be that LFA is essentially a non-issue for women?

Ask any married, divorced or single woman this question: “Do you think a relationship runs more smoothly when the man acquiesces to your judgment?” Watch the smile, the raised eyebrows, the DUH look come over her face. Notice that all I did was to use the words ‘acquiesces’ and ‘judgment’ in place of ‘submits’ and ‘authority’. It is crystal clear to me that deep down, most women believe they are smarter than men, or at the very least, better equipped to lead a relationship and to determine how a household should run. Since this is the core philosophy of Loving Female Authority and FemDom, women are largely already onboard. They just haven’t openly said so. All it takes is to verbalize those two provocative words, submission and authority.

Now, I’m not saying that every women wants to dress her man in lingerie, tie an apron around his waist and have him scrub the toilet with a toothbrush. I’m thinking there probably aren’t many. But the time is not long in coming, when a man splatters or forgets to lower the toilet seat one too many times, a woman will realize she can say to him, “Ya know what, mister? From now on YOU are gonna wear panties, and YOU are gonna sit to pee like a girl so you can better appreciate what we women put up with!” There's gonna be a lot of clean toilet seats out there.


Mandee said...

I agree with the comments made as to women not wanting an obvious
dominatrix role with their man as it is too unfeminine. That would hold true as to making their guys wear panties, as well, and sitting to pee if the seat was left up (and the rim soiled).
But other than such obvious domination activities- all women want control of their marriages and households. Biologically- their lives and those of their babies depend on such control of the male. I agree with that wholeheartedly