The way they look at each other

Last Saturday evening was ”date night” for us, just the two of us. This doesn’t happen as often as it should because we have an active circle of friends with whom we get together on the weekend. None of them much like one particular bar and restaurant that we happen to enjoy, so we decided some time ago that we would not let that stop us from doing what we enjoy. Goddess V and I shared a sampling of our favorite appetizers, had several drinks, talked, and later danced nearly every other song as a vocalist duo sang mostly slow to medium tempo songs. We had a wonderful time together.

The vocalists have seen us maybe a half dozen times over the last three months, and during a break the female half of the duo approached us to tell say much she admired the way we interacted together. She said she had told her partner that we must be either having an affair or had only recently met and fallen in love. She told us that everything about the way we interacted together showed how much we admire and love each other. She was shocked to learn we have been together for over eight years. This is not the first time we have heard this from people we don’t know or have only recently met. We hear it frequently, usually from women, and while we take it as a compliment that makes us feel good, it in another way it makes us feel a little sad.

There’s an underlying acknowledgement that passion and romance must inevitably wane as a relationship matures. Show someone a couple who exhibit passion and romance and immediately the assumption is: “Oh, they must be new together… give ‘em time and they’ll end up just like the rest of us.” Are they wrong in that assumption? Well, in many cases, probably not. We meet, we court, we fall in love, we reach a pinnacle of passion and then we begin a long, insidious slide downward. Half of us slide into divorce while many of the rest of us slide into reasonably comfortable if not frustrating relationships that often leave us wondering if this is all there is.

Those of us practicing a FemDom lifestyle know it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m not saying FemDom is the end-all-be-all. Any meaningful relationship takes work, whether it be vanilla or otherwise. Certainly there are those relationships that will fail no matter what. Goddess V and I are by no means experts, but as we learn and explore this lifestyle, I am coming to believe with increasing conviction that if you take a relationship in which mutual love and respect exist, and you introduce FemDom, you arrive at a formula for success that is virtually foolproof. It can save troubled marriages that are destined for divorce and catapult those that are stagnant into levels of joy and happiness unimagined in common hours.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. i have the same relationship with my Mistress / Wife and have received simular comments. i worship the ground She walks on and i am not shy to hide it

oldbear said...

VK, once again you make a great point, and a great column to show a lady curious about the benefit of LFA in a marriage. Way to go!

Rosie said...

I'm just starting to read, but am very interested in this topic. It's always good to start at the beginning, so here I am.