Loving Female Authority—reality check

This past Sunday afternoon Goddess V lounged on the sofa, reading a magazine while wearing a favorite comfortable nightshirt. I knelt at her feet, naked except for my collar. I clipped and shaped her toenails then massaged her feet with a peppermint foot massage crème. As I worked with one foot she let the other fall to my crotch where she teased me with wiggling toes. To arouse me further, each time I looked up from my work she made sure I saw she was not wearing panties. Finally I gave her toenails two coats of hot pink polish that matched the tips of her French manicure. When I was finished she surveyed my work and said, “God boy, honey.” Then she pulled on my leash and said, “Now kneel between my legs and worship at your altar.” As she spread her legs to give me access she added, “I’ll try not to curl my toes too tight and mess up the polish.”

That’s how it could have happened. In my mind that’s how it SHOULD have happened. But did it? Oh, I gave Goddess V a foot massage and pedicure. This is one of my responsibilities. But the rest is fantasy. Why? One word: kids. Two of them, while grown, still live at home, and they never leave the house at the same time for any dependable length of time. We suspect they have a tag-team going so that when one leaves the house, the other comes home. We think they do it just to get back at us for being parents. We’re okay with them seeing me doing Mom’s toenails. I’m the artistic type, always involved in a home improvement project or something creative, so they probably see it more or less as just another creative thing I do because I’m the one who’s better at it. Besides, they know it’s one of those things that make Mom happy, and therefore is always, always a good thing. But bringing out the collar and leash? That’s better relegated to the family dog. Yes, we can sequester ourselves in our bedroom for privacy, and of course we do. But even that doesn’t completely shut out reality.

When I was growing up there was a kid on our block whose parents were always wailing his ass for misbehaving. During the summer when everyone’s windows were open (this was pre-central AC) I could often hear little Stevie taking his whipping. WHACK... SMACK... WHAP... and Stevie lived halfway down the block! Many of you know how much noise a leather paddle can make when it meets naked flesh. And the thing is, there is something about the nature of that sound that you immediately know what it is. You hear it and right away you think to yourself, “Uh-oh, someone is getting their ass spanked.” Though our bedrooms are on different floors in our house, we don’t especially want the kids to awake in the middle of the night and think, “Uh-oh, Mom’s got the poor guy over her knee again.”

This is reality. My reality anyway. The FemDom aspect of our relationship is clearly deepening, but intervention and challenges of the real world are something that I think often frustrate me more than Goddess V. Even though she is more the optimist and I the realist, she has a way of accepting the reality of life more easily than I. When I think about that, it’s probably a sign of her superior female wisdom, and just one more reason why it’s best that she lead our relationship both in public and behind closed doors.


oldbear said...

Hi VK, I am still here. Waiting until I could make an answer to you. Great post, big props and a hug to both of you. I am so happy for both of you! I cry sometimes when I read your stuff. You to have found a sweet nuturing femdom that seems to fit yor lifestyle and temperments to a tee.

I am very happy for you guys and hope that more people will read your stuff and find out that primacy of the female's needs and thoughts can be a great way to enrich a marriage.

I have always been blessed with the loving kind of marrriage and lovey (Michele-pls note only one L :-) ) and i have always worked at it. One of the great truisms about marriage is that it takes effort to make it work. Amen!

I would argue that the other common trusm, the 50-50 truism, is wrong. I think it takes at least 60-60 or maybe more depending on challenges to and challenges in a marriage.

A great thing about female led or female authority marriage is that it eliminates a lot of the energy waste and emotional wearying that can be casued by petty disputes in a marriage. Right or wrong intellectually, the lady is right by prior agreement and instead of petty uglisness a small gift is given to her each time. in return for ceding his right to dispute or contest some little thing, a servile man gets to give his wife a samll but beautiful gift frequently! What a great way to make good of bad.

This is yet another small and usually unmentioned way LFA is good for marriges!

Of course I am speaking about marriages where the mans efforts are appreciated and cherished. Without that approval and acknowledgement from lovey, all my life would be hurt and sorrow and the deepest saddest yearning of unrequited love!

married to a great Lady, blessed am I.

Thank you VK, and the Goddess V!!!!

Her said...

Oh man, I have so beeeeeeeen there!

Enjoying your blog so far, I love to see couples like us out there.

passivetoher said...

We have little kids in the house, and it is hard to find the time to have our fantasies come true. My wife knows I want her to take the female led relationship, she will even send me emails at work teasing me, and addressing herself as Mistress. But sometimes I wish it was more then an email but a true sevitude relationship. I don't know if she will take full control but I have asked her many times to make the decisions, as I will submit to her desires. Only time will tell.