It's encouraging

It’s gratifying to read the encouraging and complimentary comments to my last post. Thank you. This blog is now just about 3 months old and I’m a little surprised at how readership has grown. I would sit here and write on my trusty PowerBook and wonder if anyone read my posts, and if so, what affect my words might have on them. There haven’t been all that many comments to my posts, so it was difficult to gauge. Out of curiosity, I installed a stat counter a few weeks ago. Low and behold, readership has apparently doubled in just two and half weeks. And it still amazes me that I can sit here in my living room, push a button to publish, and people in 16 different countries read what I write. The miracle of today’s communication technology aside, this is a satisfying experience for the writer in me. I also must admit it also has a tendency to boost my ego. Even submissives can have an ego… can’t they? But my ego and gratification isn’t what’s important here.

A stat counter can provide various statistics about page loads and Internet paths, but it cannot tell me who reads this blog or why, what their personal relationships are like, or what affect my words may have on them. Unfortunately, a stat counter excludes the human element. And isn’t that what’s most important? So far the comments posted here seem to be from people who have already embraced their dominant or submissive feelings. That’s certainly good. Though growing in number (I suspect faster than we realize), we’re still a relatively small community as compared to the vanilla folks. So we need to stick together. But hopefully there are those readers, both male and female, who want, or are considering trying, Loving Female Authority and a Wife-led Marriage. If this describes you, I encourage you to keep the faith and forge ahead. If that includes reading this blog, that's terrific. This why I’m excited that Goddess V will join me here. As I said in a previous post, I believe her words will go much further than my own. In the coming months, I think you find her to be a truly warm-hearted, caring and loving person who happens to believe that women should be in charge. I don't see how she could provide anything but positive motivation and encouragement to adopt this lifestyle.


Lady Julia said...

People may not tell you - in fact most won't - but you are encouraging to many of those who are silently searching. I've linked your blog to a site I own and also to my blog because I find what you write to be interesting and informative. People who are new tend to be shy "in public", but more than a couple have mentioned to me that they enjoy reading your thoughts.

Bonnie said...

I for one will also be linking my site to your pages..your blog is well written and a wondrous source for the new to the lifestyle(as well as the not so new) I do not follow a totally wife lead relationship but value your input highly, and agree with Lady Julia you have a lot to offer..keep up the fantastic work..Our lifestyle needs more input of the magnitude you offer.