Goddess V Joins Us


Where to begin. I would have to go back a few years to have this all make sense.

My husband and I had an awful fight. One that left me feeling like I had to end the relationship, (at the time we weren't married). I asked him to leave for a few days and he did. I had been telling him for months that he needed to be more attentive to me. How do you explain that to a reasonably intelligent man? When he returned, we went away for a few days and talked, or I should say, I talked---the entire time. When we got back things were at a point where he said he understood what I wanted. But I wondered if he could/would live up to the standards I needed in order to have this relationship work.

He did that and more. I noticed a change in his behavior a few months after we returned from our weekend trip. He was being more attentive, so much so that I was wondering how he learned this on his own. Well, I was about to find out just how he knew. He emailed me one day and asked me this question: "Do you think women are superior to men?" I of course didn't hesitate on that and said, "YES". A few days later he handed me a book… Elise Sutton. I didn't read this right away. I did skim through some and I told him that I already think that way, so why give me the book? He really didn't say much. He didn't want to push me into anything. So he just let it go while I started thinking about how much he had changed.

As time went on he would print out questions and answers from Elise Sutton's web site. I would read them and think---this woman knows what she is talking about. I then picked up her book and read most of it. Some of it I already knew in my heart (it's the Goddess in me). So this allowed more opportunity for us to talk very openly about the FemDom lifestyle. I knew FemDom would work for us. But I also began to realize that I needed to change my thinking a little.

Boys, don’t push too hard. In the beginning it’s probably your agenda and not her’s. Don’t whine don’t beg don’t badger. Let her digest the information and give her time to think things over.

At first when a woman and her man consider a FemDom relationship the spotlight might be too much on things like spankings, whips and heels (I wear high heels all the time anyway). Many people may have an image of me in leather with 5-inch stiletto heels and a whip with wall brackets for his collar and cuffs, right? Well, some of this is true [grin], but this lifestyle really isn't all about that. It is more about embracing your female authority and asserting your femininity to turn your marriage into a more loving relationship where he will do anything you want. To make it whatever you want it to be. Think about that, ladies… sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

Women need to finally figure out what it is all about. Women can and should have control. All it takes to assert yourself is to realize we hold the "cookie". VK talked about this earlier. Of course it centers around what we women have between our legs but it’s also about our female sexuality in general. It is true men get lazy after a night of passion. A few quick squirts and they no longer are listening to you! So hold back. Taunt him with a look here and there and a touch or a peek from time to time. Get his motor revved and give him NOTHING! I am not saying you NEVER give him your cookie, not at all. I don’t believe in total denial. Besides, I like sex. I’m saying don’t be bashful about using a tool that nature gave you to control a man. Be brazen. You’ll soon find your man is more loving and attentive than ever. And if he still doesn’t tow the line the way you’d like, take his pants down and spank his ass—it’s a great way to teach him that he needs to obey the rules or he pays the price.

We’ll talk more about all this and much more. This was just to let you see a little of "Goddess V."


Kevin said...

I've spoken with women who live the FemDom lifestyle before, and while it doesn't interest me, I'm an open-minded man and say that anything two people mutually consent to is fine.

However, the notion that one gender is inherently superior to the other is ludicrous. 'Superiority' is defined by the one measuring it. A man might think he is superior because he can dominate you physically, but I wouldn't agree with that. And so it is with the idea that a female's ability to sexually dominate a man makes her superior.

I assert that we, men and women, evolved to be complementary. Each of us has strengths that shore up the other's weaknesses, all for the good of the species. This doesn't have to translate into equality in individual relationships, but on the whole I don't believe that either women or men are superior. We're just different.

oldbear said...

Dear Lady, thank you for taking the time to post to us. You have a very special man in VK. I believe he is most focused on the Love of LFA and the relationship you guys have, not foremost on the sexual tension and delicious bodily attentions.

I am SOOOO sorry you guys had such a bad fight! Even though it was years ago and much good has come of it I hate even the abstract notion that two people of any gender or orientation that love each other can have such a fight.

Overall I am a staunch believer in LOVING LFA and the ideal of the male as Knight to his lady rather than as abject slave. However I do not EXACTLY fit into the LFA community. Here are the two main reasons why I am not an EXACT fit in the LFA group.

I am DOM/sub switch, and believe there are many healthy female subs and some healthy male doms. I believe in the code of SSCC and find that many of the cruel or emotionlly non-intimate extreme femdom marriages do not meet SSCC and get lumped in with LFA, even on Elise's site. I do not think they are loving, and since they are often represented as such I can not make a full endorsement of LFA (as portrayed by many common authorities)in marriage.

Nor do i TOTALLY believe in blanket statements about superiority of any goup over another. My experiences and perceptions as a Chicano are irreconcilable with the ramnifications of such derogatory classifications of any group of people.

Now havng said that, i DEEPLY belive that due to the screwed up nature of our societal mainstream culture women ON THE AVERAGE get an overall mistreatment from both society (sexism) and so called men (relationship flaws based on chauvinism or cluelessness, or inattentiveness, or lack of a good ROLE MODEL or lack of empathy...sadly an endless list).

I also believe that due to a combination of societal factors, biology, and the exquisite Glory that is the female body/psyche/mind/sexuality combination, MOST women have power they can and most definitely SHOULD assert in their marriage and society. Good for the man, woman, county, and world to do so!

Any man worth his salt should/would be willing to devote a large part of his energies and efforts to pleassing his wife and making her happy. This is true even in a vanilla marriage. I am assuming the man was wise enough to marry a Lady of mental, emotional, and moral maturity.

I belive LFA is special because it provides an OPPORTUNITY for clearer communiction about delicate matters of SEX, MONEY, relationship issues, and household roles and duties. Avoiding many of the causes of the horrible fights referenced above.

I am VERY grateful Ladies like you are around to keep us guys oerating at our best, and VERY happy that you have such a special place in the soul of such a special man.

As Goddess to him, and a great Lady to all of us, thanks again for taking the time to shae with us. Peace and Love to you! OB.

Lady Julia said...

Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts. Your tip about taking it slowly is an especially good one. So many try to rush and push their own fetishes on a vanilla wife and they scare her away from the entire concept.

I look forward to reading more from you both.

Her said...

Interesting story, and I enjoyed your take on things very much.