The Three Graces


If you’ve been reading this blog and haven’t yet figured it out, or if you are a new reader, this blog is not about how to coerce your spouse into a FemDom marriage. It’s not even about how to have a FemDom marriage, per se. It’s about how to have a happy marriage in which romance and passion and sex are integral parts of every day life, not distant memories of how things used to be between the two of you. It’s about having a spouse who is also your best friend, a best friend with whom you can talk about and share anything. And I do mean anything. It’s about husbands who think of and worship their wives as though they are Queens, and about wives who trust their husbands as loyal protectors who would do anything for them.

Put in other terms, this blog is about having a marriage in which neither spouse cheats on the other. Or is tempted to cheat. It’s about NOT ending up in a loveless marriage of convenience and about NOT ending up in divorce court as half of us do, squabbling over who gets custody of the designer toaster.

Assuming you genuinely love each other and want such a marriage, this blog is about the pathway that will get you to a marriage that will make you the envy of nearly everyone who knows you. It’s very nearly guaranteed. Really. Call it Loving Female Authority. Call it FemDom. Call it whatever you please. It involves one very simple dynamic: the female must play the dominant role and be in control. And within that dynamic, there are three basic principles that are essential to making a wife-led marriage work on all fronts. In this respect, they are also the Three Graces of a happy and passionate marriage. I’ll address each of these in greater detail in future posts.

FORMAL AGREEMENT OF POWER: The wife takes control of all (or as many as she desires) aspects of the relationship. She may entertain the husband’s input, but in the end, her word is final. He agrees to obey her authority.

ORGASM CONTROL: The husband has no sexual release without the wife’s knowledge and consent. This not only means she controls when, where and how they will have sex, it also means he does not masturbate privately.

DISCIPLINE: A policy or set of rules established by the wife to control both the relationship and her husband’s actions. This includes regular reinforcement of the wife’s authority and rules, and may also include punishment for disobedience.