Opening My Eyes

When I met Goddess V (though I didn’t think of her as my Goddess at the time), I believe we wanted the same things in a relationship. I wasn’t looking to submit to female authority so to speak, nor, despite her somewhat “bossy” personality, do I think she wanted to be thought of as a Domme. Truth be told, I don’t know that I was even in the market for a relationship. As for Goddess V, I think she was just longing for an opportunity to come into her own after many selfless years of being a perfect mother and after too many years of mercy fucks as an attentive wife. She was hungry for conversation, hours and hours and hours of conversation with someone who actually heard what she had to say. I knew early on that I wanted to share life with her, but there were times when I doubted that I was the right person to do so. I understood what she wanted, but somehow I just couldn’t get there all the way. Every time I’d take a few steps forward, we’d get into what essentially amounted to a power struggle over who was right and who was wrong. I’d end up falling a step backward and then think to myself, “You stupid ass (meaning me), why didn’t you just keep your mouth shut and do what you knew would make her happy!”

I believe that people can change if they want to. I wanted to change because I knew if I didn’t, there was a good chance I would lose this amazing woman in my life. I also knew in my heart that by doing so I would be a better man for living up to her standards. Loving Female Authority has provided the avenue for that change. And the surprising part of it is that I didn’t need to change all that much after all. All I needed to do was to finally open my eyes and recognize the authority that rightfully belongs to the woman I love. The pieces began to fall into place after that. I didn’t have to relinquish any part of who I am as a person, as a husband and as a man. I am still every bit who I have always been, except that I’ve added to the definition. I’m submissive. More than that, I like how it makes me feel to be dominated by the woman I love. I like seeing how my submission to her female authority encourages her to embrace her authority even more, and grow as a powerful woman. I want us to grow in our D/s roles because most of all, I love how LFA adds an entirely new dimension for expressing the love we share for one another. And the spiritual connection between us grows ever deeper.


oldbear said...

Dude, that is a beautiful post! I have given myself the dumbass talk many times. I am lucky that my Lovey is very easy going and our relationship has never really been bad or in danger.


When a loving and serving and chivalrous attitude is coupled to actions and philosophies respectful of the Lady, a better relationship will result.

i am not saying it has to be LFA, it might could be LMA IMHO.


If you look at the way we are patterned to behave by our society.... in general the cure for that would be LFA , not LMA.

Lady Julia said...

I love what the two of you are developing here. Whenever someone approaches me about introducing their wife to D/s or LFA, your blog is one of the information resources I give them.