LFA Opens Doors in Marriage

I hope to be a role model for women here. At least to help them understand what a female-led relationship can mean for them. Especially wives who have been approached by their husbands about it. Okay so maybe there’s a certain amount of kink involved. Course that depends on your idea of what’s kinky and maybe you’ll need to change your views a little when it comes to that. But don’t worry about that for now. We’ll talk about that later and trust me, it’s no big deal compared to what LFA will do for your marriage. I’ll give you a small example. As I was writing this VK was in another room working on a home improvement project. When he poked his head in the room I told him my feet were freezing. I asked him to get me some socks and put them on me. Did he balk? NO---he just did it. Without the rolled eyeball look he would have given me a few years ago. I didn’t “command” him or threaten him with a whip I just said my feet were cold and he took care of it. Sounds like a little thing, I know, but add up a bunch of little things and it becomes HUGH!

I’m thinking maybe I need to back up some. I was married before for 20 some years. I mostly stayed at home raising kids while my first husband worked---a lot. He was never home. He brought home the money to support the household. That’s important I know. But later when the kids were mostly grown I remember standing in my kitchen one afternoon and sinking to the floor crying, saying to myself “I can’t live like this.” I wanted more and I don’t mean a big house, flashy cars, expensive clothes and jewelry. I never cared about all that crap. That’s not what makes me happy. Anyway, my marriage ended because I guess it’s true that sometimes people grow together and sometimes they grow apart. There were a couple of miserable years there that weren’t good. Mostly because I carried a lot of guilt. Which was my own fault. For what? For wanting something more in life? For wanting what I felt in my heart was right?

A woman should never, never allow anyone, especially a man, make her feel guilty about being true to herself.

I promised myself that in my next relationship---if there was to be one---I would have what was most important to me. I’m a romantic at heart so I wanted romance. I’m passionate so I wanted passion. I’m an honest and open person so I wanted a best friend that I can talk to about anything and who will talk to me about anything. I want someone who will share life through all it’s ups and downs and let me be ME. Not just in the early courtship stages. I think this should and CAN continue in a relationship between two people who love each other, not dwindle and stagnate over time. And if I’m gonna be in love, I wanna be held up there on a pedestal by the man I love---not because I think I’m any more special than any other woman on this earth, but because I am the woman he loves. That’s what I mean when I say Worship Me As the Goddess I Am. Loving Female Authority makes all this possible---and more. It’s opened doors to closeness and caring that I never had before. To continue.


Lady Julia said...

Just about everyone in the LFA and D/s lifestyles has their own definition for "Goddess" or "Domme", but the simpliest one for me is a woman who knows what she wants, expects it from her man, and gets it. It's not about any particular act, it's a way of living. It sounds like you found that for you and that's a lovely thing to read.

oldbear said...

Hi Lady V, I like the way you put it: "...not because I think I'm any more special than any other women on this earth but because I am the woman he loves". That is a big part of why I aim to serve my wife!

I also agree with what Lady Julia said, that there need be no particular act or practice to be LFA. Just acceptance of the primacy of the Lady and her needs and desires by the Gent.

I would and do counsel young men to seek romance with women of high moral character above all other traits. (I KNOW I can trust my wife with anything because she has demonstrated what a top-notch human-being she is since the day we met.) Then if the opportunity or god forbid the NEED for LFA arises later in the relationship they can submit or serve with no moral qualms about what they are getting into.

As a side note I would like to point out that the real victim of the roles society casts as usual are guys like LV's first husband who lost a great Lady by following a model that told him to just make money and never really listen to his wife and find out what she REALLY wanted from him. To the extent he is accurately portrayed by that one sliver of information he is also a victim of this sexist society we live in.

In some ways it take more temerity for men to not chase career dollars than to be a financial superstar in business.

Dear Lady V, i am so glad you are sharing with us, the best part of the post may well have been the socks incident!

Ladies, if you are reading this, there need not be any kink or stuff like that. My wife and I do none of that, but rest assured she is the focus of my life more than ever after almost 17 years of marriage. Little things like the socks and lettting her pick the restaurant if she wants to and massaging her feet each night have become special little affirmations of how special she is to me!

Guys (or gals), if you have reservations about getting into some of the extreme stuff mentioned on some of these blogs and sites, then DONT DO THEM. DUH. Dont let that excuse turn you off of this LFA thing.

As this great post shows, LFA can be as simple as pampering her with socks or jacket or a lap blanket or warm undies from the dryer when she is cold, and LISTENING to what she says! As TRUE gentlemen, why would we act any other way towards our special LADY!

Peace to all of you out there! Gentlemen, fill her Love Tank!!!!

Anonymous said...

What you said in the last paragraph could have come from my heart - thank you! I'm encouraged to believe that I will one day find this kind of relationship for myself.