Whatever shape she's in


I’m one of those misguided souls who finds voluptuous female figures to be every bit as attractive as those of the Victoria Secret models one sees on television. I happen to like soft, round curves and find them infinitely more feminine than protruding ribs and hip bones. Where is it written that Rubenesque woman can’t look and feel sexy? I’m not saying that uncontrolled obesity is a good thing, that women (and men) shouldn’t try to stay in reasonably decent shape through diet and exercise. However, I think women need to throw off the beauty formula that’s been foisted on them largely by men and become more comfortable in their bodies… whatever shapes in which they happen to be. I suspect this will happen as women continue to become more dominant. When you think about it, the shape of her body has little to do with the power a woman can wield over a male and everything to do with her sexuality.


Miss Fortune said...

thank you fot that wonderful comment.
I think you are much more advanced than the average male. Most men are shallow.
That is why I love sub men, they trully view women for the beautiful creatures that they are.
thanks honey!

oldbear said...

Amen VK, and again props for being up on the curve in regard to appreciating female beauty in all its glory. Not to mention dudes dissing ruebenesque women are often less thaan chippendale themselves!

With respect Mistress Jen, most men I know are not shallow. You gotta get a new talent pool of dudes to associate with.

Screen em a little, reeducate them alittle, and control them with no problem. Avoid the Homers and Gomers of the world!