I am one lucky man

My Goddess wife will be primping in the car on the way to a social gathering, turn to look at me and say, “Damn, you’re a lucky man!” In fact she tells me this nearly every day. And you know what? I am indeed. I’ve been reading other blog entries and comments from Dommes and submissives lamenting how they cannot find a meaningful long-term relationship that is mutually fulfilling on FemDom as well as more traditional and vanilla levels. It makes me even more appreciative of my good fortune to have found such a wonderful woman to share my life. That she is a Goddess and embraces male submission to female authority is icing on the cake.

Why is it that so many single people seem to be endlessly searching for that "perfect" mate? Why is it that so many married people are unhappy, living without passion, fantasizing about having a relationship that is different from the one they have? Sometimes I think it’s because people have foolish and unrealistic expectations about what will make them happy. Others have no idea whatsoever what will make them happy. Still others may know, or think they know, but haven’t the courage to pursue it. Add in the fact that so often we are less than honest with ourselves and those around us. Hmmm… I wonder.

Any comments from anyone?


oldbear said...

Hi Veezknight, great blog. you have some good insight. And I like the way you adore and respect your wife at a time inlife when so many people (both gneders) do dumb things.

I noticed most of your posts have no responses, thats too bad. A lot of folks could learn from what you all got going on, and your blog.

Keep it up amigo!, and remember yo are lucky man to have a goddess in your life, AND she is lucky to have agret man like you. PAX.

sub hubbie said...

I share your thoughts, and thank my lucky stars.
I think most people don't enjoy our benefits because they've never heard of LFA, and genuinely don't know what they are missing. Poor things. Based on my experience, I want to shout about it from the rooftops, and get every couple in the world converted...

Anonymous said...

i agree with sub hubbie but it is tough to find couples who support LFA. Does anyone have any advice?

Anonymous said...

I found a Goddess...it's why I married her. I'm a natural submissive. I was her slave for 5 years. I was in heaven. I ironed her clothes, cleaned the house and took care of the yard and cars and made sure she was very well taken care of in bed. We practiced orgasm denial for years. But for some unexplainable reason, she grew tired of it. She just wants a husband...very plain vanilla. I'm going out of my gourd. Now we have essentially a sexless marriage. NO passion. So I guess she's still getting what she wants. But I didn't marry her to be a roommate. I'm not some anti-social nerd that couldn't have gotten a "normal" wife. I have a very good job and have always done well with the ladies. Now I'm stuck in a lifeless marriage although I have tried everything I know to go back to the way it was. No dice. All I can say is it was the best 5 years of my life until she changed.