Yesterday morning on my way to work I discovered a
card that my Goddess had slipped into my bag. This in
itself was not unusual. During our years together
we’ve easily spent hundreds of dollars on greeting
cards for each other. Some might consider that a waste
of money perpetrated by the greeting card industry.
Not so for us. We tend to give cards when the mood
strikes, rather than on “obligatory” occasions. This
particular card, though mood-driven, was still a
milestone of sorts.

On the outside of the envelop my wife had penned the
word ‘servant’ in front of my name. I could not recall
her ever before addressing me this way. It stuck a
chord in my psyche that was certainly pleasing, yet
surprising enough to cause me to pause to think a few
moments before opening the envelop. The front of the
card showed blurred faces of a man and woman smiling.
Nothing too surprising there. But the verse, although
typical Hallmark fare for appeal to the masses, was
appropriate in a way I’m sure the writer had not
intended. It spoke of how it was so fortunate that the
two of us were at the right place to meet, at just the
right time in our lives to fall in love. It spoke of
how we perfectly compliment one another in our life
together and gave thanks for me being the one person
who makes her life complete.

I would have smiled at reading the card regardless,
but considering the card had been addressed to me,
servant, and how my wife had signed it, ‘Your
Goddess,’ the meaning went much deeper. Indeed it was
fortunate we had met and fallen in love in midlife, at
a time when so many others are searching, but even
more so that it happened at a time when we both
acknowledged a need to fulfill our love for one
another in a non-traditional way. In a way the card
from a wife/Goddess to her husband/servant represents
loving female authority personified, a heart-felt love
letter suspended between the two opposing poles of
FemDom. It’s a pity more couples have yet to
experience this. There’d soon be a ‘Female Authority’
section in every card store, right beside

(Hmmm, bet it would be fun to write the verse for some
of those cards.)