Goddess V believes that things happen for a reason. I’m not sure I agree, but if this is so, then I was meant to follow a circuitous path to a couple of Female Superiority websites. I’m not talking about pay porn sites with slick photos of women wearing leather and stiletto-heeled boots. The sites I landed on (which by the way are listed under my favorite links) are largely informational sites, operated by dominant wives for the purpose of promoting female authority in our society. They mostly explain FemDom and Wife-Worship and encourage their sisters to wake up, smell the coffee and start dominating the men in their lives. What I read on these sites both shocked and amazed me. I was amazed at the insight these women have into the male psyche, at their understanding of how men are wired and why we think and act as we do. I have to say I was shocked and sometimes appalled at some of the behavior they advocated, but I must also admit to finding some of it to be erotic. A few even made sense to me from a practical point of view despite being disagreeable to me. Most importantly, the evidence they present to support why women should dominate men made so much sense to me that I found myself agreeing with them in spite of myself. I felt like a traitor to my own brotherhood.

I visited those websites many times and read all these women had to say. I also ordered several books from Amazon (I highly recommend Elise Sutton's book as well as "Venus on Top") and read them cover to cover. I did this on the sly without my wife’s knowledge over the course of about five months. During this time I tried to reflect honestly on how what I read related not only to my personal experiences and observations but also to those of my acquaintances. Lots of disjointed bits and pieces that previously had seemed unrelated came together for the first time. I realized that we had been living a "Yes, Dear Relationship", and though while it had worked for us to a degree, it was actually a source of frustration for us because we both wanted more. I think we both knew we needed to take our relationship to a higher level, we just hadn’t known how. I won’t say at that juncture I didn’t experience misgivings about adopting a FemDom lifestyle, but for the first time it was easy to think of my wife as my Goddess. When I looked at her I saw not only a beautiful woman whom I love dearly, but also a female who is superior to me in so many ways. Worshipping her as my Goddess suddenly made all the sense in the world. Later she would say she detected a change in me well before I finally brought up for discussion the subject of FemDom.