I can’t imagine anything more frustrating than an MSW finally working up the courage to approach his wife, only to have her be totally unreceptive. Hey, it happens. In this case, an MSW would do well to determine how much of the FemDom material that he gave her she actually read. The better websites and books are quite clear about the benefits of female authority, so chances are good she read only a small portion, made a snap judgment and shut down. Don’t turn all mealy-mouthed and apologetic. Maintain your posture, damnit! She’ll respect you more for it in the long-run. You might respond with something in the neighborhood of, “I’m surprised you feel this way. Did you read ALL of the material? I figured there would be some things you might not agree with… heck, I don’t agree with everything either. But overall it makes so much sense to me that I am really looking forward to us trying it. Maybe if you read more and think about it, you’ll want to try it too.”

Honest communication is always important in marriage, but most will agree it’s even more critical with this issue. Find out what aspects of FemDom turn her off, and if there are any that appeal to her. Even if she phrases questions such as, “You don’t actually want [expect] me to spank you, do you,” you should answer honestly. Don’t say, “God no, that’s too weird,” if it’s not true for you. Muster your courage and respond with, “Actually, that would work for me, but not if you find it objectionable.” And remember that a little levity never hurts. You might smile and say something like, “There must have been times over the years when you wanted to swat me a few good ones. Now’s your chance.” Discover as much as you can about how she feels, but don’t push. In the end, it’s enough that she come away from your initial discussion knowing that you are enthusiastic without being insistent. You might end the conversation by saying something like, “I hope you’ve noticed a difference in me over the past few weeks [months]. If you don’t mind, I’ll continue. It gives me pleasure and I hope it pleases you too. Hopefully we can talk again later after you’ve had more time to think things over.” Then let it go.

Don’t sulk over her unwillingness to embrace her female authority, and don’t assume that she will never decide to do so. Wait more than a day, or a week or even a month. Say nothing, but continue your efforts to worship her as your Goddess. Your actions will speak more loudly than any words you might offer to try to persuade her. While it’s true you may not yet have the satisfaction of her taking control over you, you no longer need shoulder the burden of hiding your inner feelings. That in itself should be a tremendous relief. Plus, now that your wife knows what you are doing and why, your efforts will no longer be covert. And that may well provide interim satisfaction for you. If she loves you and sees that you are committed to this issue, it’s a safe bet she will at least revisit the book [website] to read or reread the material. She may also do some of her own research. How well you continue to make her feel like a Goddess by putting her needs and pleasure ahead of your own may well determine how long it takes, but sooner or later, she will most likely bring the subject back to the table.