At the risk of inviting the ire of Dommes near and far, I respectfully suggest that the mantra “FemDom is all about the female,” is misleading. The foundation of female authority calls for her to dominant the male, and for him to worship, serve and submit to her. However by definition, in order for the female to dominate, she must have someone over whom she can wield her authority. Think of a planet populated with dominant women only, and no submissive males. When everyone is dominant, no one is dominant; without workers there can be no bosses; without braves, no chiefs. The presence of a submissive male is what bestows upon the female her opportunity to dominate. Ultimately then, FemDom can never be truly ALL about the female. Rather, it is about the female being dominant as seen through the eyes of a male who acknowledges her superiority and derives pleasure and a personal fulfillment by worshippng and submitting to her authority. Both halves of a FemDom relationship are therefore equally important, with each empowering the other in their respective roles. Each experiences emotional, physical and even spiritual rewards that feed from the other. It is Yin and Yang. It is a classic symbiotic relationship for which Mother Nature is so well known.

Another wrinkle I see in the seduction approach is that it presupposes: a) the female will be resistant to, even horrified, at FemDom to the point where she is likely to be unwilling to investigate and entertain its merits; b) that her relationship satisfaction level is such that she does not desire improvements; c) that she is likely to view it as nothing more than a view for kinky sex; and, d) the male will therefore need to coerce, beg or otherwise finagle her into trying it. To my way of thinking this is actually an insult to her intelligence and her instincts as a woman. Aren’t women superior? Then why should a man assume a superior female cannot discern for herself the value of FemDom, to herself, to her marriage, as well as to the man she loves?

I don’t profess to understand how women think. But here’s what I have pieced together through experience and from what I’ve read and been told. A woman generally wants a best friend and confidant, a companion, a lover and a loyal partner she can trust to put her best interests ahead of his own and defend her without question against all adversaries. She also wants a servant to romance, love, worship and adore her as if she is the only woman in the universe. I know this particular metaphor is clichéd, but it works so well: think of the proverbial knight who bravely battles the barbarians in her honor, then bows humbly in her presence to await her command. Finis. And what really rings a woman’s bell is when she doesn’t have to wheedle this passion and chivalrous behavior from her man, when of his own free will, through his love and conviction, he becomes, in essence, her mate and personal slave rolled into one. (Did I get that nearly right, ladies?) Guys, unless you’re Super Hubby, you’ve probably fallen short of this ideal. I know I did. Our mission then is to present FemDom to her as a way to help us come much closer to this mark. Because that is precisely what female authority will do.


Wayne C. Rogers said...

Dear Veezknight,
I just discovered your wonderful blog. I've read all your postings and was totally enthralled with them. You are a fantastic writer who seems to be wise beyond his years with regards to a Female Led Relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that you had to say and look forward to more postings in the very near future. Hopefully, you will soon have more readers who are eager to read about your ideas and feelings on this thought-provoking subject.

Richard of Down On My Knees said...

I think most dominant women want more than a spineless submissive.

It varies from woman to woman of course but most seem to want lovers, partners, intelligent men who can make them laugh.

VeezKnight said...

Thank you for the compliment. Wise beyond my years regarding the Female-led relationships? Hmmm, my Goddess may disagree with you. :) But I do understand that it works better than patriarchy and feel as if those of us "in the know" need to do what we can to promote female authority. The sooner the transition, the better.