I’ve never claimed to be the smartest guy on the block, but little by little, things started to add up in my head. I began to see that when my wife was truly happy, she made my life easier. When I didn’t want to do something in particular, or agree with her on a certain issue, if I simply sucked it up and did what I knew she wanted, it made her happy. And seeing her happy mad me happy. Plus it made our relationship go more smoothly, which made me happier still. On the surface, you might say this was simply a case of a man placating his wife just to keep the peace. All the while with me maintaining an internal air of smugness, thinking I was cajoling her as one might a stubborn or spoiled child. I believe many husbands arrive at this point and never venture beyond. It’s a comfort zone of sorts because it offers the man a false sense of control in the relationship.

I call this a "Yes, Dear Relationship". Evidence abounds that a marriage is happier, lasts longer and over all runs more smoothly when the male concedes, and essentially submits to the female. I believe it’s what the majority of couples have who’ve remained together long-term. Ask any man who’s been married for say, 20 or 25 years and chances are good he’ll agree. He has come to terms with how his wife, more or less, controls most facets of their relationship. This is especially true when it comes to sex (but we’ll venture into that arena later). While husband and wife may agree on certain issues, he realizes he does not understand the thought processes she uses. No, that’s an understatement. He hasn’t the slightest clue as to how the gears mesh and turn inside her head. Clearly she does not think even remotely the way he does, which is to say that in his opinion she does not think correctly. But eventually the husband acquiesces with, “Yes, dear,” just to pacify her, just to keep the peace. Self-righteous? Absolutely. But in defense of my male brethren, I’ll submit that it helps a man define who he is as a husband. It’s a way to validate, in his mind anyway, his worth as a partner: he’s man enough to give in to the little lady because after all, she’s just a woman. Is this being magnanimous? Well, yes, but in a patronizing way.

Having a "Yes, Dear Relationship" is like being a miner who digs and digs for years and years, finds enough nuggets along the way to entice, if not frustrate him, yet gives up just inches before hitting the mother load. If he had known about the huge reward within reach, he surely would have dug further. If he had known the true value of the payoff, he would never have settled for mere nuggets. The "Yes, Dear Relationship" is at the very threshold of FemDom. But of course it requires taking things just a bit further.

I realized that in most cases (not all, but most), when I did as my wife said, it ultimately turned out that she was right. I saw that she is smarter than I when it comes to raising children, social relationships, marriage, matters of the heart and living life in general. And the reality was that when I conceded without argument to her point of view, any resentment I felt over “giving in” quickly faded away. Overall, life became more enjoyable. I began to wonder, if she was right on this front, could she also be right about that Goddess business? So one fateful day I Googled the word Goddess. I was looking for tarot cards for her birthday. She has an interest in such things, and I thought it would be fun to give her cards with a Goddess theme. I found them on Amazon, but as you know from surfing the Internet, one link leads to another and another. Ultimately I followed links to more than Goddess tarot cards. I followed them to discover the Goddess within my wife. I found Goddess V.