Start by reading up on FemDom, female authority, wife-led marriage or however you wish to think of it. This is a no-brainer for most submissive men, especially for MSWs because it’s their only avenue for keeping the dream alive. It’s no secret the majority of visitors on FemDom websites are men. So visit sites such as those listed here in the links section. Maybe find others on your own--but avoid the crap you’ll find on pay porn sites. Since you’re probably doing this on the sly without your wife’s knowledge, the logistics might prove to be a challenge, but if you can manage it, go to Amazon and order a couple of books written by dominant women. As you read, don’t think to yourself, “She’ll never go for this,” or “My God, she’ll have a shit fit over that.” And don’t think, “Oh yeah, I really want her to do [this, that or the other thing],” and begin making an agenda.

As you read, transport yourself back in time to the days when you did everything in your power to impress her and to win her heart. Act as you acted when you courted her. Make her life as pleasurable and comfortable as if she were a Goddess. After all, she already IS your Goddess. She just doesn’t know it yet. And have confidence that your wife WILL embrace her role as Goddess, just as she gave her heart to you when you courted her. She WILL dominate you. But know that chances are pretty good some of what you read about may never actually happen in your relationship. Ah, but much of it will, whether you want it or not. So we all need to get it into our heads early on that whatever does happen will be her decision, not ours. She’ll do as SHE pleases and not because you want it. But that’s a good thing. It’s what truly quenches a submissive male’s thirst for female authority.

Now is when you’ll need to accomplish what may well be the single most daunting task any submissive man can face: confessing his desire to be submissive and asking to be dominated. Yeah, as I said earlier, it’s ironic that you must take control of the situation in order to achieve a relationship in which you have no control. But that’s the way it is for most MSWs. If it helps, you can take solace in the fact that you are merely pointing your marriage toward FemDom, because at this juncture, you’re the one who knows the way. So pick up the flag and lead. Then once you cross the border into FemDom territory, you can pass the flag and allow your wife to determine how deeply into that territory she wants to lead you.

Need a confidence boost before you break rank? Consider this:

1) You’ll be well prepared with accurate information about FemDom, not hearsay or fantasy mumbo jumbo. This means you are better informed than the vast majority of the population. This includes your wife, at least for the time being. You are probably also more convinced than ever that FemDom offers a better alternative to traditional marriage.

2) You’ll understand that as a male, you are wired to submit to a woman and that nature intended for her to dominate you. So there is no reason to feel ashamed or apologetic about your feelings. Males submission to female authority should be, and one day will be, as natural as rain.

3) If YOU can see how FemDom can revitalize and strengthen your marriage, surely SHE will too. After all, she is smarter than you. This aspect all by itself is enough to interest many wives.

4) Know that you are bringing to the table a genuine, honest-to-goodness win/win situation. And when you think about it, there are precious few of these in life. Once your wife understands the benefits, there is every reason to believe she will embrace it as much as you (and maybe more).

Slip your hand into your pocket and imagine you feel a key. Perhaps you’ve long fingered this key secretly as its remained safely hidden in your pocket. Now imagine bringing it into the light of day so you can admire it. Perhaps in your mind it’s made of gold and gleams brilliantly in the sun. Maybe it even has the symbols for the female and male sexes crafted into it. Until now, you have been a custodian of this key, because it does not belong to you. It belongs to the woman you love. So it’s incumbent upon you to place it in her hand, that she may use it to unlock a rewarding and more fulfilling future for the both of you.

For chrissakes, grow some balls. If your wife is ever to lead you around by them, then you damn well need a set she can hitch a leash to. Knock back a few beers first, drink some wine, say a prayer, do whatever, but suck it up and GIVE HER THE KEY.


oldbear said...

Good post man, I like the part about growing some sack. I dont think dude should throw brews before something this important. Just my opinion, I respect yors!