Goddess V Adds a Note


I wanted to add my reaction to what VK already posted:

As my husband said, what were you doing on our site? You obviously have interest in female-led relationships or you wouldn't be here. I think you just don't understand it all and are a little mad that these guys are "REAL MEN" while you are feeling a bit inadequate. Look inside yourself for the answers, they are there. Don't be afraid of them and you'll soon feel less hostile. I'd like to know how long you have been married and how many times. You sound young and that could be the answer in a nutshell. The older a man gets, the more he seems to understand that his true role in a loving relationship is to serve and submit to his wife. I'd suggest you read some books on this issue and then maybe you'll understand a little better. A good spanking might do you a world of good too!

Instead of posting rude and hostile comments on our site, I'd also suggest you talk to your wife about this, that is unless you are afraid she'll think you are a pervert. I can assure you that wanting to worship and submit to the woman you love is anything but perverted. I can also assure you that the time is approaching when most women will not tolerate behavior and attitudes like you seem to have. And remember that closed minds breed hostility, not people.

Goddess V