A Real Man Speaks

An anonymous reader saw fit to post the following comment on our blog. My first reaction was to delete it, but then I thought, NO. Some of you may have already read this, but for those who haven’t, here is the comment in all its eloquence along with my response. In my mind, this guy perfectly exemplifies the kind of man I shudder to think about being.

Your thougts are full of crap just like you are, that's why you can never be a real man. I'd like to see how the fuck your marriage will work when your wife gets older and looses her "sexy" looks. First of all marriage is much more than just a sex, and second wives need sex just like husbands. So just because you mind is fucked up it deosnt mean that all men are like you. You keep dreaming while I'm getting mine whenever I want, and I please my wife whenever she wants, that's a happy marriage.


Thank you so much for your astute observations, but I must ask the obvious. Why are you here of your own free will reading our blog? No one twisted your arm, did they? How did you find our tiny, insignificant outpost on the Internet anyway? Did you Google something like FemDom, or dominant women, or spanking or some such key word(s)? Did you “accidentally” link here from another site, then not only take the time to read it but also to comment? Doubtful.

So why do you suppose you visit these sites, hmmmm? Got an itch that your “happy marriage” hasn’t scratched? Are dommes in leather and stilettos creeping into your fantasies when you masturbate? Oh sucks, I forgot. You probably don’t do that because you “get yours whenever you want.”

Here’s something else to ponder. Do you REALLY please your wife? How do you know? (I’m not talking about pleasing her with your sexual prowess-- undoubtedly you are no less than a stud in that regard.) Does she know and would she be pleased to learn you visit FemDom Internet sites? Do you think she might see this as indication she isn’t really pleasing you as well as she might despite giving you sex whenever you want?

This is just a wild guess, but I’m thinking if you and your wife truly communicated honestly, you might both be in for a surprise. How about if you share your with your wife your Internet travels, and also of course your eloquent commentary, just to see what her thoughts might be? What do you say to that? It should be no big deal for a “real man.” Right?

Oh, and just so you know how some men feel, we will always see our wives as sexy, no matter what age they may be, simply because being sexy in our eyes has little to do with their looks.


Queen'sKnight1 said...

Yours was a nicely thought out response Vk. It is guys like him who give men such a bad image in the eyes of women. As you say, his wife is most likely far less happy than he imagines. I'm absolutely certain that she isn't as happy as your wife or mine, nor nearly as happy as she would be if he were to treat her with even a modicum of more respect. Be well. Qk1

Angie said...

He was just trying to flame your blog. No doubt like many men that constantly cut down gays for instances, we know of course what their fantasies are...and it angers them.

Her said...

How strange. I often find it weird that we've only had one negative comment, and the one we had was from someone I've seen leaving negative comments all over the sex blogiverse. Um, if we offend you, why are you even reading?

My thought? He's probably jealous/in the closet. We hate the most what we hate in ourselves.


Aradia said...

Vk, I just read this entry for the first time and have to tell you that I agree with you 100%! Actually, I have written quite a bit on Female Led Relationships and live one Myself. Your eloquence in stating your position was poignant and completely honest. Good for you that you know what a "real man" is!!! Blessed be, GA