The Power


We went to a comedy club this week with a number of other couples to see a comedian, who by the way is very funny. Toward the end of his routine he said something that caused Goddess V to nudge me under the table. He said that women were definitely the dominant creatures on this earth, partially because of what they have between their legs. Women, he said, wake up in the morning and decide they are going to have sex that day. And by the end of the day, sure enough they have it. Men on the other hand wake up and think, maybe today. Then by the end of the day they are thinking, okay, maybe tomorrow.

He looked at the crowd and said, “Oh come on, people, you know it’s true. Women have the power. They have the POWER." The audience laughed. So why did they respond as they did? Had he said something truly shocking and offensive, there surely would not have been so much laughter. Was the notion so outlandish that all the audience could do was to laugh? I don’t think so. I think that nearly every man in that club knew full-well that the women with him has the power.

The question is: How many women know this? Or are willing to admit it? Reduced to it’s purest, FemDom is just a realization of this fact between a woman and a man. It’s a formal acknowledgment of what we know to be true. In my opinion countless marriages and relationships would be so much happier if every woman had a matter-of-fact conversation with her man that went something like this.

“Come here, I want you to see something, but first take off all your clothes. I want you over here, naked and kneeling in front of me.” She should sit down and unabashedly spread her legs wide. No doubt many might feel uncomfortable doing this in the light of day. The first time anyway, considering women have been taught to keep their legs together.

“What do you see between my legs?” He’ll probably fumble around and eventually call it something, maybe a pet name you may have for it. You can bet he won’t use the c-word because he knows that most women absolutely HATE the c-word.

“Take a close look, honey. Do you think it’s obscene looking? Or is it beautiful? I think it’s beautiful considering how it bears children and can give you so much pleasure. It does give you pleasure, doesn’t it? (Have him answer you. Half the power is in the words you get him to say.) “Funny though how it can give me even greater pleasure. I can cum again and again if I want when all you can manage is once and you’re done. Why do you suppose that is? Do you think that makes me sexually superior?”

“Because I am a woman Nature (God if you prefer) put this wonder treasure between my legs. It’s part of what makes me a woman. And because I have it and you don’t, I have control of sex. Because I have control of sex, I have control over you. Somewhere inside you know this to be true, don’t you? (Have him answer). “Yes, I know you do and so do I. Since we both know this, we might as well bring it out into the open and make it work for us.” Reach down and lift up his chin so he looks at you when you ask, “Does this sound reasonable?”

“From now on, this will be the altar at which you worship. Will you worship between my legs? Will you worship me as a woman you love?” (Have him answer you.) “Then there will be no debate who is superior or who is smarter. There will be no power struggles and no arguments about anything in our marriage ever again. I will dominate and lead our marriage. You will submit and obey. Agreed?” (Have him answer).

“Since I have the power, I will decide if, when, where and how we have sex. And I will decide how and when you get to enjoy ‘the good feeling,’ which, by-the-way, won’t be today. Oh, and I know you masturbate behind my back. That will no longer be tolerated because I insist on being the focus of all your sexual energy. But we’ll talk more about those rules later. Right now I want you to get busy down there with your tongue. That’s a good boy. This is the beginning of a new lifestyle that will make us both very happy.”


Anonymous said...

How I wish she'd call me over for that conversation. I've always told her I can't believe women don't rule the world.

Angie said...

That is an awesome hope and thought for relationships. There would be so many more happy marriages and couples.

Anonymous said...

Men want sex more than women want it. Women want security in life. Thats the way most are wired. The negative part is that men will become violent or depressed or exhibit other negative traits without a woman in their life. Women tend to become dependent or have other self destructive behaviors including choosing men who are inappropriate for them.

In my case I would not be with a woman except is some unusual circumstances without regular sex. That comes off as needy to some and demeaning or objectifying to others. I hate when I hear women on these sites talk about chastidy or denial that shows there is a complete lack of understanding of the male or that they dislike sex but want to rationalize their dislike of it and explain it.

Angie said...

Chastity is not a complete lack of sexual outlet, it is a controlled and managed outlet. You will not die without intercourse, although never getting to empty your seminal vesicles and drain your prostate is thought by most to be unhealthy.

That can be accomplished with intercourse or simple masturbation. It does not have to be that often.

There are plenty of men (and women) who have no sexual partners and are not violent or emotionally unstable in some other way.

Sexual outlet for much of our lives is a need I agree with you there, but its not a need that has to be satisfied that often.

Anonymous said...

Your thougts are full of crap just like you are, that's why you can never be a real man. I'd like to see how the fuck your marriage will work when your wife gets older and looses her "sexy" looks. First of all marriage is much more than just a sex, and second wives need sex just like husbands. So just because you mind is fucked up it deosnt mean that all men are like you. You keep dreaming while I'm getting mine whenever I want, and I please my wife whenever she wants, that's a happy marriage.

princeofmyqueen said...

Seems as if anonymous is cruising all blogs to be as insulting as he can be. According to him I am also a whimp of a man. What I want to know is what is he doing on our blogs if our lifestyles are so much offending to him.