Time to make the donuts... and kick ass


The Internet is bursting with useless and often erroneous information. One link leads to another and another then another, and before you know it, there it is in front of you. You may not be all that interested, but nonetheless, for some reason, maybe simply because it’s there, you find yourself reading. I read some useless information today. I read it primarily because it struck a chord with something that happened to me about six years ago. Otherwise, it mostly qualifies for the useless information bucket, unless you happen to be considering investing money in Krispy Kreme.

This really is a post about wife-led marriage, female-led relationships and FemDom. Sometimes it takes me a while to get where I’m going, so yes, there is more to this post than donuts. :)

It was an article about why/how Krispy Kreme went from being a southern-based hugely popular chain of donut shops to a nationwide company full of more holes than the tens of thousands of donuts they sell each day. That equates to stock going from $49.00/share to less than a buck… and that equates to mighty piss poor executive management (IMHO). All of this despite having an affordable product that people are willing to wait in line for.

The article mentioned how during the company’s zenith in the late 1990s, a new KK franchise opened in Manhattan and people waited in long lines every time the hot donuts sign went in the window. I know the line thing to be true because when a KK store with a drive-thru opened near us, you would have thought they were passing out glazed, chocolate frosted and jelly filled five dollar bills. I think all the local Dunkin Donuts shops closed down and their owners went back to India for a few weeks. Local police were needed for several weeks to control traffic jams until the new-donuts-in-town curiosity wore off.

As for me? Uh-huh, I waited for nearly an hour in that line. I did it one time, and I might add that I bitched incessantly to my wife the entire time how idiotic we were for wasting the gasoline and the time. Sure I can put away donuts with the best of them, especially KK donuts cause they are small. But excuse me? All this hubbub just to buy a box of warm fucking donuts? It reminded me of the long lines in which I had waited back in the 1970s. I’d had no choice then, but this? This was a clear case of donut delirium.

BTW if you picked up on my wife reference in that last paragraph, you’ve picked up on the reason for this post. You see, at that time, I was feeling free to bitch about waiting over an hour for donuts. At that time, the woman beside me in the car was “just my wife.” I had not yet learned to elevate her to the rank of Goddess. Actually, we had not yet married. We were probably sitting in her convertible, the one with a purple “Worship Me as the Goddess I Am” bumper sticker.

If I have my chronology straight, it was about that time that Goddess V had just about enough of me and was planning to kick my ass to the curb. Get my drift, gents? If you read the first post on this blog (linked above), you know how I resented the inference behind that purple bumper sticker. That was a time when some people thought they could make a lot of money by investing in Krispy Kreme; and a time when a foolish 40-something year old man thought a woman had a helluva nerve expecting to be treated as a Goddess. My, how much there was for many of us to learn.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Veezknight:

This one caught my attention because when I fetch Her Majesty her morning cup of coffee I am frequently heard to use the phrase; "time to make the donuts!" I am dating myself here because that phrase was borrowed from an ancient Dunken Donuts add but hey...sue me! ;-)

Like you I used to get all worked up and frustrated over time wasted waiting on line or performing menial tasks. After all I was an important dude. Whatever I was doing there was always some better or more important way I could be spending my time. The minutia of everyday life was intensely irritating to me.

Now that I serve Her Majesty I take pleasure in the small things. Simple menial tasks take on profound meaning because I do everything for her. Since I no longer call the shots I can relax and not try to impose my will on people and things over which I never really had control anyway. I do my best not to sweat the small stuff and there is nothing I wouldn't do for my Queen. I would even wait in line for an hour to get her Krispy Kreme donuts! ;-)

VeezKnight said...


I remember the TV ads quite well, hence borrowing the headline.

The truth is, I am still not a patient man in many regards. You won't find me waiting for an hour or more at restaurants such as Outback and Olive Garden (unless we can sit comfortably at the bar and enjoy a cocktail while waiting--something that these place cannot normally accommodate).

But I can be very patient in other areas. One of the great things about our marriage is that we have learned from each other. Goddess V has learned patience to a degree: she was used to having home improvements/decorating projects completely quickly. Invariably they turned out half-assed and were ultimately not very satisfying for her.

I, on the other hand, do household lots of household projects, but I take my time and do them "right" which nearly always results in a superior job that she is happy with. So some things are truly worth waiting for.

ALL HERS said...

My wife also feels that it is best to take your time, have patience, and taught me that good things are worth waiting a very long time for. But she was actually referring to orgasm denial, hence I wait a very long time between releases, at least 6 weeks. But during that time I get to serve her and cater to her every need, so each day I experience a good thing by our wife led marriage. We both enjoy this site, you put a great deal of effort into it.