Speaking of "the good feeling"


I'm often surprised and amazed at how little some of us (men) really know about sex, especially when it comes to to the mechanics of ejaculation. Oh, we know what feels good, and we know we like it.. A LOT... but for many, that's about as far as it goes. I've read many posts in forums written by men who ask what I consider to be surprising questions or make comments based on what I know to be erroneous or misinterpreted information. So for the record, here are a few facts about the male's favorite toy:

1. An erection is NOT necessary to experience an orgasm or an ejaculation, either separately or in conjunction with one another. Really, I am here to assure you that this is true.

2. An orgasm can be experienced without having an ejaculation. Ask a man who has had his prostate removed due to cancer (the prostate is what produces the seminal fluid).

3. Prostate massage (the practice of milking that is often referred to among chastity aficionados) can produce a slow release of seminal fluid that will drain down and out of the penis. The release is slow and not to be confused with an ejaculation.

4. Prostate massage does not normally product an orgasm, however some men who use prostate stimulators such as the Aneros, say they can experience a "hands-off" orgasm with no direct stimulation of the penis. I'm thinking I need to get me one of these bad boys... just out of curiosity mind you... but I'm not sure it will meet Goddess V's stamp of approval if it means getting the good feeling too often.

5. Stimulation of the penis of some sort, though sometimes minimal, is normally necessary to produce an orgasm.

6. Mental "excitement" or stimulation is not an absolute necessity to product an orgasm.

7. A prolonged period of chastity is likely to produce a nocturnal emission, which is an event that cannot be consciously controlled by the male. A submissive man recently wrote that he is forbidden by his wife to have a wet dream even though she enforces extended periods of chastity. This seems a little unrealistic to me.

8. Neither physical nor mental stimulation is necessary to produce an erection: an erection can be produced chemically through the use of drugs. The oral drugs such as Viagra are not capable of producing an erection without sexual stimulation. Drugs such as alprostadil is injected directly into the penis, will cause an erection that can remain for several hours without any sexual stimulation whatsoever. Male porn stars who seem to be appear to go on, and on, and on have been known to use similar concoctions.

9. Prolonged physical and/or mental stimulation can cause the release of semen in preparation for discharge via ejaculation; if ejaculation does not follow (as in tease and denial) it can cause a painful condition of the groin or testicles commonly known as "blue balls." Some of this semen or seminal fluid is often later spontaneously released during urination.

10. There is no conclusive medical proof that insufficient draining of seminal fluid from the prostate is likely to cause prostate ill-health.

11. A vasectomy does NOT affect a man's ability to orgasm or ejaculate in any way. It simply eliminates sperm from traveling from the testicles where they are produced, through the Vas Deferens, to mix with seminal fluid before being ejaculated from the body. A vasectomy does not lower the sex drive, shrink the testicles, or cause man-boobs to grow (too much beer does that).

As for why some men are "shooters" when they ejaculate, and some are "dribblers" I have no idea. I do know that the state of arousal seems to affect ejaculatory force. I have also noticed that since I was catheterized while in the hospital, I no longer ejaculate with much force. But oh, "the good feeling" remains delightfully unaffected!

The quantity also seems to have been affected and I have read that this can be caused when some of the seminal fluid leaves the prostate and goes the wrong way in the urethra, traveling up into the bladder rather than down into the penis. Supposedly there is a mechanism, some sort of sphincter or other, that is intended to prevent this under normal circumstances, which makes sense. But it could be that for some, the introduction of a catheter tube can adversely affect this.



Now all of us husbands know what we've been missing for the past weeks or months. Although what my wife and I do is fully agreed on, I miss the old days when an orgasm was there for the asking. Now she is into my orgasm denial, and I'm not even allowed to ask. As she says, " your orgasms are very few but they are much more intense now. See, I'm actually doing you a favor, don't you agree?" Of course I agree, disagreing is never an option any more.

Anonymous said...

It's also a good feeling having a sexy wife deny you while you please her orally as much as she desires. Being a submissive husband to my dominant wife is the best feeling ever. We have agreed on a WLM many years ago, and my wife has adapted the role better and better. But as a result, my orgasms have gotten less and less, her method of keeping me in a state of constant arousal for her pleasure.

VeezKnight said...

I agree 200% that submitting to a dominant wife is the best feeling ever. In my case, it would seem that the more she dominates me, the better I like it.

Anonymous said...

i agree that submitting to female authority is incredible, i just found your blog and I'll keep reading!

Did you ever get one of those aneros things? i'm interested in recommending it to my Mistress if it means she can milk me without letting me have an orgasm - do you know if they work like that?

Domwife said...

I am also a submissive husband to a sexy wife as one of the posts here mention. She wears sexy nighties and likes to wear only panties when we are alone ( and she is warm enough as in summer). I am only allowed to cum with her permission. She allows me to have sex with her about every 6 weeks, other times I must orally satisfy her and stay frustrated. But I wouldn't change a thing.