Want some boobs... I mean fries with that?


I was reading something the other day that amazed the hell out of me. It was an article that mention how Ray Kroc, the man who ran McDonald’s from 1954 until the early 1980s, had established a policy that prohibited women from being McDonald’s employees. That policy remained in force until finally being rescinded in 1968, but only on the condition that the women hired should be, in Ray's words, “kind of flat-chested.”

The inference there I suppose is that big boobs would distract patrons at the restaurants. After all, the fries and burgers were supposed to be the main attractions, not a busty clerk across the counter. I guess in that respect one has to admire Kroc's single-minded determination. Maybe I lack the unwavering determination needed to be super successful, but being a boob man myself, Kroc's thinking seems rather extreme.

Speaking of super, isn't it interesting how somewhere along the line Mickey D's discovered the benefits of "super-sizing" their offerings. Burgers, fries, soft drinks. Boobs too maybe?

And isn't it interesting when you consider how a company like McDonald's could discriminate against women because they have breasts, then reluctantly hire them only if they have small ones. Flash forward a few decades to a company such as Hooters that gets sued over a policy that is completely opposite: the bigger the boobs the better.

I wonder, was the Hooters lawsuit filed on behalf of busty women who felt they were being treated as sex objects, or small-busted women who felt they were being discriminated against. What a world.


Gregg said...

Nice photo! I have been without an orgasm for 2 full months tomorrow. My wife did quite a teasing session on me this morning as we were both off from work and relaxing in bed, so much so that she wanted an orgasm before getting out of bed, a rarity. But nothing for me except "maybe soon if you behave". So after cleaning the house and preparing lunch for my wife, I wanted to see what's new on your blog. And there was that photo. Caused quite a strain on the Cb 6000 chastity device. Not a fair picture for us guys in long term chastity.

Bob D said...


Glad to see you're active again on your blog.

I can relate to MacDonald's Ray Kroc dilemma, when in college after a night of drinking and whatnot we went to a local Washington DC establishment “Booyemongers” for food to revive ourselves. Being in college and eating far too much fried fast food I wanted some fruit or salad. I’m about to order from an attractive, busty young women when I notice that she’s wearing a tee shirt that has fruit and says “Want Fruit” below. Being young and not yet as comfortable with women as now I had great difficulty saying I would like some fruit and forget making light of my request.

Bob D

TH said...

VeezKnight, An interesting question was given to me last night by my wife. I feel it may be good material for your blog. She was commenting on how great my behavior is when I am denied sex, only teased by her and kept very horny. She said she was being treated so well for the last month and loved every minute. Then she stated that after I cum, it takes me a week or two to resume my horniness and get very submissive again. Then she smiled wickedly and said, "maybe I just shouldn't allow you to cum ever again, what do you think"? It stunned me, and I went on to say how much I looked forward to it, and how adding weeks to my wait period is a punishment she uses often. She said she wouldn't do it for now, but it caused me to think, what if your wife said no more cumming forever, she wanted you to stay in a perpetual state of arousal. Never to feel an orgasm again. Would I do that for her? Interesting question for your readers to give their feelings.

Susan's Slave said...

An off-topic response, but Ray Kroc did not want busty women, or women at all, because the early fast food/burger joints were often fronts for prostitution and he wanted a wholesome family atmosphere.

Just found your blog and look forward to reading more!

VeezKnight said...

How odd that anyone might assume that women, busty or otherwise, meant prostitution. I can recall my mother taking us kids to MacDonald's as a special treat back in the early 60s. I'll have to ask her if she was worried about having a prostitute wait on her.