She's Baaaack

As Bonnie pointed out in her comment, Katherine just posted again after more than 3 months of silence. Hmmmm. Does anyone see unlikely coincidence here? Katherine's post was a short, sweet, well-crafted teaser. Oh boy... here we go again. Ya gotta love it.

Already I'm getting comments to my last post. I expect there will be more to come. Everyone has a different opinion and that's what makes life interesting. It's what gives us something to think about. Provided we are willing to think.

My personal feeling is that Elise Sutton is in fact real. I agree with anonymous that she may well be from the Baltimore area because of some of the things (and people) she mentions in her book and on her web site. She is also apparently in her 50s because of some of the references she has made in her life. Her site being a promotional site for chastity devices however I think is unlikely. Being in marketing myself, if it is, in my opinion they are missing the boat BIG TIME. Nah, Sutton's site is too low key. It could be littered with click-through ads to so many other sites. But there are none. My gut feeling is that this woman, aside from having remarkable insight into dynamics between men and women, is indeed for real.

But that of course is JUST my opinion. And as I said in my previous post, be careful what you read here in cyberspace. Be careful what you accept as truth.

Now, for all you Candace fans. I wanted to believe. I really, really wanted to believe. If she walked into my house and introduced herself today, I would be thrilled to death. But there just seemed to be something in her rapid progress as a dominant woman that didn't ring true for me. Why publish a picture of yourself but not your email address? An email address is nothing remotely like a mailing address. And why not at least write a farewell post, then leave the blog stand for a while. Why use the delete key? Why no consideration whatsoever for the many readers who were following her progress? She sure sounded far more thoughtful than that... if one can believe what she wrote.

Maybe it's just me. Candace, if you're out there, my apologies--You Go, Girl.


Queen'sKnight1 said...

Candace had her comments section set up in such a manner that she read and approved replies before they posted. This is how some of us asked questions of her that she read, but that never posted publicly. In one of my posts to her, I included my e-mail address and she replied with hers. That is how I got her e-mail address. As a member of the Female Led Relationships board, she also corresponded regularly by P.M. with Goddess Aradia, to whom she gave her e-mail address.

When she stopped posting a couple of weeks ago, the blog stayed up for a week and a half. Then the URL led to a page of advertisements. At that point, I started a discussion thread of the FLR board. Richard Evanslee, a board member, reported the situation to blogger as a hijacked URL. For a day or two, the ads were replaced by a "404-not found" message and Richard received a thank you from blogger for reporting abuse, then the URL began directing to a different set of ads.

The inactive blog of another person:

seems to have been hijacked in like manner.

In her e-mail to me, Candace does say she decided to delete the blog; she never mentioned hijacking though. It may be that the URL was hijacked after she deleted it, however I never saw a 404 message between the time the blog was up and the time the first set of adds appeared. In the same thread I mentioned in the FLR board, Richard indicates the URLs can be swiped very rapidly after a blog is deleted. I know very little about how all this works, nothing in fact, to be accurate.

I prefer not to speculate on things, but I cannot be so naive as to ignore facts, ....... and the following are facts:

Candace began blogging just prior to Katherine's last entries. Katherine returned to her blog just after Candace's disappeared. I was very supportive to each, and I hope that I do not turn out to have been duped. Many do not know of the short lived blog entitled "Wife of sissy" @

but the author, Keri Worthington, had the same initials as Katherine West. Both had styles similar to Candace, and all had no children. In Worthington's third and final post, she ran off into menstrual sex, then the blog came to an abrupt end.

Then there is that mysterious time when Katherine had a prior hiatus beginning May 3, 2006. If you scroll far down into the 63 comments you can find a location where jon green put up a link to another blogger who then had a link to "Katherine's blog" where a post said that she had left her husband and gone off to live with a straight man. When I checked the membership numbers, the view count, and date the blog was started, however, I found the link jon greene alluded to was to a counterfeit blog, created to look exactly like Katherine's. The fake blog is now down, but the counterfeit profile is still in place @

If you check the original Katherine @

you can note all the differences.

Like you, VK, I so much want to believe. Nevertheless, there are a lot of strange things in all this.

Richard said...

I've been on the internet before the web was added to it. There have always been:

1) Fictious persons
2) Real people accused of being fake

I think Sutton is real. She makes money off Predominant and other things. Marketing isn't always "Buy Now!" Not that I greatly care.

Candace's progress did not strike me as unusually speedy but that probably reflect the progress my own made. While I've spotted many online BDSM personalities and bloggers that I supected or was very sure were fake Candace's never rang my alarm bells. Should she ever be proven to have been so then I envy her talent.

I don't know about you but I have one email address (out of several for different purposes) that gets over 500 spam messages a day. And dominant women get a huge of amount of simply unwanted messages.

That she left without posting a "Good Bye" message didn't surprise me. Not just because of her visible disappointment with the responses she was getting but because I've done likewise on various venues.

Perhaps she was an artificial construct. From what my friends who had more intimate contact with her have said I doubt it but on the internet there's never any way to really be sure.

eric_qc said...

I've never thought Candace could not be real. I'm probably naive : )

The fact is, I realize that I don't care. It was a pleasure to read Her. And Her "thoughts" (reflection?) on the subject of Female-led marirage were very inspiring.