The vast majority of gizmos and contraptions, from the guillotine to the VegiMatic, were invented by men. This makes it a safe bet the CB3K was also invented by a man, and an ingenious one at that. It makes me wonder. Does a guy who doesn’t fish, never fished and has no desire to fish invent the “Pocket Fisherman?” Doubtful. So the industrious fellow who dreamed up THIS particular gizmo must have had a personal interest in the matter of male chastity. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the crazy fucker musta been lying awake nights thinking up ways to prevent a guy from diddling with his favorite play toy. Okay, maybe there’s an outside chance a group of militant, bra-burning feminists abducted a clever guy, spirited him away to an abandoned farm somewhere, then rode him like a pony around the barnyard and whipped his ass for 40 days and nights until he finally perfected the design for the CB3K. Anyone out there in cyberspace buying that?

Here’s something else that makes me wonder. Our freebie Stat Counter tells me this blog now averages close to 600 page loads each day. Yet most of what we write here draws few comments. Then I posted the preceding entry and wham, more comments than any other post. Dominant ladies are laughing and thinking, “Uhuh, you go, Goddess V.” And submissive men are, well, suffice to say they seem to think it was an excellent post. Hmmm. To tell you the truth, I debated over whether or not to write about IT. IT seemed to be maybe a little too personal. But considering how control of male orgasm is undeniably the keystone of FemDom, enforced male chastity, via use of what Goddess V now refers to as a Personal Security Device, seems to be a logical direction in which many FLRs eventually go. So in the end I decided that since Goddess V and I have become advocates of FemDom, Loving Female Authority and Wife-led Marriage, it would perhaps be somewhat of a disservice to exclude from our story this aspect of our relationship.

Reading the teeny-tiny sheet of instructions that is packed inside the gift box: I am suppose to choose from five differently sized hinged rings… not too tight but not too loose. Goddess V’s initial advice was, “That’s easy, honey. Go with the smallest.” Hmmm, her humor can be so amusing. Then choose among five spacers and three locking pins. All rightie-then. Apply a few dabs of baby oil or gel to help slip into the tube, being careful not to pinc….ouch! Damn! THAT's gonna leave a mark. If getting OUT of this gizmo is half as difficult as getting IN, my days of tweaking the little guy just to say "hello, thinking of you," are destined to become a fond memory.


anonymous male said...

Sounds frightening, but as you say a necessary accessory to a LFR relationship. I appreciate your posts. As one who dreams of, but has not yet conjured up enough nerve to approach my wife with the concept of Her dominance/my submission, I envy you and find the posts of your experiences inspiring. Thanks.

Pleaseletme said...


So, are you into IT yet? i've been in lockup 'only' 3 days and i'm climbing the walls. Especially knowing that my Princess thinks in terms of weeks for my lockup.

Something you both will likely enjoy: Once U get IT squared a way and ready for locking, have Goddess V lock the lock. You'll come to want/dread that sound. i've spent a fair amount of time 'inside', but the feeling of 'oh, shit' when lockup time comes around has never diminished.

Goddess V, have him wear a shirt and tie, too, to drive home his submission. It's publically endorsed bondage, and a tie makes a handy leash/handle for Your use. Enjoy!

Biff said...

Dear Veezknight,
You are a brave man, and a loving man. I wouldn't consider this orgasm control, as I am sure that you would not take the right of orgasm away from your wife even if uncaged. But it is, from what I have seen of this device on the internet, certainly control of your erection. And that is a profound gift to give to Goddess V. She is very lucky, and I am sure she will not abuse this trust.

Polyfetishist said...

Many men do like the effects of some sort of chastity regimen. Ask someone in the sex toy business: most purchasers of CB devices engage in no D/s in the normal sense other than having the wife or girlfriend act as keyholder.

I don't know what you are using for stats but: page loads don't necessarily unique human visitors. And - I have sites that get a few thousand uniques a day - but many web visitors are shy and silent. Especially about sexuality. But you audience is likely learning from you. Hopefully over time more of them will leave a few remarks.

helpmate hubby said...

I want to hear about how over time if it becomes more uncomfortable to wear or you start getting used to it, and if it really is 1005 effective against self pleasuring.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a man who has been happily married for 40 years and my WIFE and LOVER( same woman) has been my KEYHOLDER for 10 years now i can tell you that the CB 3000 and CB 6000 become more comfortable with time.
i can also tell you that i am a part of a study working under several grants to investigate the use of the CB XXXX male chastity devices as an alternative treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.
The CB works miracles i am locked 24/6.5 and when Sunday morning rolls around i know that if i have behaved i may get to make love to her. But first it is my job , before being released to make HER really want it.
Then SHE will unlock me and my 65 years old member is ready and eager as it was 30 years ago- no little blue pills for me- give me a CB and a loving KEYHOLDER.
When wearing the CB3000 after a day or so i feel supercharged, i have the energy i had 20 years ago and i also feel 20 year-old horny and when one is 65 that is a great feeling. i am a better husband and lover than ever and eager to please her every wish.
SHE gets several orgasms during the week. Do you know what a rare pleasure it is to give your KEYHOLDER and orgasm when you, yourself are locked up and sort of hard in the cage dreaming of her and realizing that until SHE releases you ; you and your sex are HERS. You are an instrument for her pleasure and yo will learn to love your enforced chastity and the LADY who holds the key.