…was way high on the list of things that scared the bejesus out me when I first began reading about FemDom. One that caused me to think two, three and four times before approaching my wife about loving female authority. And IT was something she quickly focused on when she first began reading about this lifestyle. She said IT appealed to her and that she thought I’d like IT too. Except for a couple of passing references here and there, that was pretty much the end of the discussion about IT until recently when the subject surfaced again. “Honey,” she said off-handedly, “you had to know IT was just a matter of time.”

“But I think…” Goddess V cut me off by interjecting, “That doesn’t matter, honey. All that matters is what I want. So take care of IT.” Seeing the pained look on my face she added, “Look, we’ll try IT out and see how IT goes. Just go ahead and order IT.” I obeyed. I could have balked further. I could have refused. I could even have spilled my ice tea on my keyboard to short-circuit my laptop. But I didn’t. I obeyed her—which Goddess V will say is proof enough that I actually want IT. I won’t deny there is a certain erotic fascination with IT, either that or morbid curiosity akin to what causes drivers to slow down and gawk when passing a traffic accident. BUT... the jury is still out on this one.

I ordered IT around 4:30 on a Friday afternoon from a site called Kept for Her. On Saturday I received an email saying IT had shipped. Damn, already? Don’t they take weekends off? Mid afternoon on Monday I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw the mail truck stop out front of our house instead of at the community mailboxes further down the street. Nah. All the way from Indiana? Over a weekend? US Parcel Post? No way! But sure enough, a moment later our belligerent mail lady was steaming up our front walk with a small, innocuous looking package in hand—looking none too pleased I might add for having to make an additional stop.

She paused for a moment as she contemplated how to negotiate past rogue droplets from a sprinkler I had running in our front gardens. Double damn! I had repositioned the sprinkler away from our front walk only minutes before. Judging as how this lady had once returned a package as “refused” because it didn’t fit in our mailbox, I’m positive the sprinkler would have held her at bay. Even if she had winged the package in the direction of our door, it may have fallen behind a shrub where it would have remained hidden for God knows how long. I’da been saying, “Geez, Babe, I dunno why IT hasn’t come yet… you saw me place the order.”

[sigh] Ah, timing is everything, and as it happened, the Mail Nazi skirted the water obstacle and sallied forth. Neither rain nor sleet nor garden sprinklers on a hot July afternoon can keep HER from her appointed rounds. It’s all about attitude, right? I suspect that had she known the contents of the package she was delivering, she’d have gladly endured wet feet with a smug you-bout-to-learn-who's-boss smile on her face, instead of her usual doanchu-even-think-bout-fuckin-wit-me scowl. Indeed.

It’s amazing when you think about it. Somewhere, someone at some point in time was boxing up a collection of deviously engineered parts—an acrylic tube, different size rings and spacers, a small, brass padlock… especially, that damned Masterlock—and probably all the while thinking and chuckling: phew, some poor submissive bastard is gonna be wearing this gizmo. And so, with help from VISA, a Mac, cable high-speed Internet, the folks at and the US Mail (thank you all very much), a genuine, one hundred and sixty-nine dollar CB3000 chastity device, has found its way to my door. Which means that yours truly is the submissive bastard who will be wearing IT.


Aradia said...

ROFL! Thank you for that post. I can understand why you are not thrilled with the idea of wearing "IT", just as I can see why Goddess V is interested in you wearing "IT".

I hope that Y/you both find great enjoyment in "IT.

All My best,

Goddess Aradia

Anonymous said...

While IT's a great gizmo for most, don't be entirely shocked if it doesn't work for you. I ordered a really really early version of a similar one, and despite fine support from the manufacturer, it just doesn't work on my anatomy. So I guess there's still "hope."

Fine blog. Fine post. THanks.


Lady Julia said...

Oh my goodness I can barely breathe from laughing so hard. Thanks for the delightfully written post.

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Wonderful tongue-in-cheek :-)

That little KSD-G2 insert that Kept For Her makes was necessary for me. I can still get out even with that little ring in place. Just can't get back in without taking everything apart.

Be careful at first regarding what size O-ring you place around the scrotum. I chose the one I thought seemed the right size, but during the night and a nocturnal erection, blood could not get back to the other side as everything became so swolen. My scrotum was under so much pressure that vericose veins developed on it. Just a word of caution. I'm sure V doesn't want any permanent damage to your (er, sorry, HER) property.

helpmate hubby said...

Please keep us informed on how effective it is. Great post!

Biff said...

Dear Veezknight,
I read your entry with the greatest anticipation. To give the power of your erection to your woman must be the great act of devotion and submission possible for a man. You are to be admired! I also hope you will keep us abreast on your experiences, and whether you will advise other men to follow your example. Perhaps in the future I will ask Tom to make the same sacrific for me.

Pleaseletme said...


As it happens, i'll be back into IT today, with no idea when i'll have earned a chance for release. Good luck with IT. FWIW, i think you'll be glad you agreed to IT.

For longer periods, Johnson's baby oil gel does wonders for avoiding irritation, as do solid A rings. The hinged ones react to a lot of scrota out there, from what i've read.

Enjoy your fuller submission to V!


Queen'sKnight1 said...

There is a big Yahoo group of CB3000 wearers at
The board has a lot of information.

shoelover4u said...

Am quite envious of your role in life....will be anxiously awaiting your future comments about your experiences as i will be viacariously experiencing this with you

saratoga said...

My partner is still a bit annoyed with her used cb3000. It simply never worked for us. Poor workmanship, for one- pieces broke with distressing regularity. The manufacturer claimed this was normal and would simply keep sending replacements.

It didn't stop orgasms, much less erections. And the hygienic issues were miserable.

Hope you have better luck than we did.

She just adopted another method entirely. You can read about the various related topics on my blog if you've a mind.

However, post-purchase cognitive dissonance reduction being what it is, maybe not.