Forever In Blue Jeans


I’m a blue jeans kinda guy. Even at the office with our casual business dress code, I’m fortunate to be able to wear them most of the time. It may surprise you to learn that one of my biggest concerns was whether or not I would still be able to wear jeans. I’d read that the CB3K is virtually undetectable under clothing, but you know how that goes. I discard half of what I read on the Internet as BS, and am usually suspicious of the other half. Happily, what I’d read is true. In a test run while Goddess V was at work and I was working at home, I wrangled myself into my new “personal security device,” then pulled on a pair of jeans, and not the relaxed fit kind either. I looked downward, half expecting to see an unnatural looking bulge that would advertise, “Hey every body, lookie here, wifey has my cock in a lock!”

Nothing. Nothing that anyone was likely to notice anyway. A long discerning look in a mirror convinced me of. What might be noticed could easily pass for a respectable package—not a bad impression to create if I do say so. I was still wearing it when Goddess V arrived home, and even she noticed nothing. Okay then, at least I won’t be having people gawk at me every time I leave the house. I’d already completed one other test: peeing. I’d read that many men report they can still stand to pee while wearing this particular model. Count me among them.

Gentlemen, if you think your little guy plays turtle in cold water, wait until you try to coax him into a CB3K. I won’t bore you will all the details. Suffice to say that putting this bad boy on for the first time is a challenge, especially considering how one needs to choose among various sized rings and spacers and locking pins. So far the second to largest base ring seems to work well for me along with the second to largest spacer (don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t take a big set of gonads to be a submissive man.) I might add that I made a point of sharing this with the Goddess V after her wise-crack about needing the smallest ring. The unit is reasonably well engineered and so all the pieces fit together effectively. I’m not what you would call endowed like a horse, but even so, I had to fall back to regroup a time or two, then try again armed with baby oil plus a fair amount of poking and prodding to finally get the monster (sounds way more impressive than turtle, don’t ya think?) into his cage.

I spend two consecutive nights out of town each week and Goddess V was insistent that I not leave home without it. So before going to bed the night before leaving town, she watched me put IT on. She agreed that since we are still in an experimental stage, she would secure it with one of the locking plastic tabs instead of the lock. After I was neatly locked away, she lay back on the bed grinning, with a look on her face that I can best describe as being one of utter glee. “I LIKE it,” she said, “wish I had known about this thing years ago.” She put her hand in my crotch and patted my secure genitals and added, “You’ll be okay, honey.” Then she kissed me good night and turned out the light.