A V-day rant


Every week on my way back into town I stop and buy Goddess V a dozen roses. I used to get them from a florist, but now I get them from, of all places, a grocery store. Actually it's much more than a grocery store. They typically have at least 20 or 30 dozen in all colors to choose from. The price? A very affordable $9.99 plus 6% tax bringing the total to $10.59. And they are so fresh they normally last a week, sometimes 2 weeks, depending on the color and length of the stems.

Yesterday I stopped as part of my homecoming ritual only to find the price had jumped to $39.99. Simply because it was Valentine's Day. Goddess V and I had anticipated this would happen (thanks to good ole American capitalism), and she had told me to skip the flowers if the price was higher. And I did. I don't need an overly commercialized "holiday" as a reason to buy my wife flowers, or give her a greeting card. We give each other cards all the time. And sometimes, I create my own. Next week the roses will be back to their normal price and I will go back to my normal routine. I should probably add that I don't bring Goddess V flowers every week because I am her submissive. I did this before I'd even knew about wife-led marriage. Hmmm, maybe that was a clue.


Ms. Lily said...

We decided long ago not to do the v-day thing also, I would much rather get flowers throughout the year at a reasonable price than one special day at ridiculous prices. Although, he did find a road side vendor and did buy them for me anyway, which was lovely, just not necessary. My knight has done these romantic things from the start also, not just with the start of the wl thing. Ms. Lily

Andrew Lander said...

I too buy roses at a grocery store at random times of the year, but particularly when there is nothing blooming outside..... just snow and ice at the moment where I live:(

Whether budget is a concern or not, I find that my dominant wife is very happy with receiving a single rose. The store adds greenery and wraps it in cellophone. She loves it. Somehow a single rose is very romantic. It speaks.

Give it a try next time you do the grocery shopping!