GoddessV got a new pair of shoes


But that’s really only a small part of a story that begins a few years ago when we first visited a small restaurant and cocktail lounge not far from where we live. Inside we met a friendly staff and a clientele that was mostly in our age bracket. The atmosphere was pleasant, the food was very good and the prices were reasonable. Later in the evening we slow danced to songs we requested from a husband/wife singing duo who entertained on the weekends. We were hooked.

Friday evenings at this establishment became a weekly routine for us. It was a date night so to speak that took us off the beaten path and away from our normal circle of friends. We got to know the manager, the bar tenders, the entertainers and many of the couples who also frequented the place. But we were still able to stay to ourselves and talk just to each other if that’s what we wanted. We could mingle with other couples when we wanted. We slow danced when we wanted, mostly with each other, but sometimes with others. Goddess V sometimes put on a show when the entertainers sang “Tequila Maker Her Clothes Come Off.” Friday nights were an outing we looked forward to each week. Then it all changed.

Management objectives changed in order to attract a younger crowd. The manager of the establishment was fired. Much of the staff left. Beer signs appeared on the walls. The dance floor was mostly covered with video machines. The singers were fired and replaced with young, loud bands. Goddess V and I soon stopped frequenting the place, and so did nearly all of the people we’d gotten to know there. For about a year and a half we lamented over what had happened and wished we could find another similar place were we could talk and dance and generally reconnect at the end of each week. We never found such a place. And then a minor miracle occurred.

This past Friday night found us back in our old stomping grounds. Quite unexpectedly. The singers were back. A friend or ours had been hired as the new manager. Many of the people we’d gotten to know turned out to kick off what we hope will be a return to what we all enjoyed so well. It was like old times. We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed, we danced to some of our favorite songs. It was all so comfortable and familiar it felt as if we’d come back home.

For about five hours we were much more than a domme and her submissive. Of course that is what we are, but apart from our D/s relationship, we were a middle-aged married couple who enjoy each other’s company enough to be able to have fun together and be happy. And the fact that Goddess V was wearing a new pair of hot pink pumps certainly didn’t mar the evening. They did not go unnoticed by several of the men.


oldbear said...

wo, i ma happy you found a place to be a happy Loving cvouple together.

And I am even happier you all got "your" place back again.

Your comments in this post ought to be serious food for thought some of the more extreme fantasy=wanker type males who never seem to find the right Lady to serve.

maybe they need to find a woman to adore, respect, and commit to, eh?

Anonymous said...

I agree oldbear I like to see the loving aspect not just the kink the male is looking for in fantasyland.

I hope everything works out well with the lounge, it is nice to have a place to go with that comfort zone feel to it. We have young children so we don't get to do the going out dancing thing that often.(Although we do dance in our kitchen regularly) I love the closeness you can feel when you just look in each others eyes, you don't have to say a thing, just dancing and moving together can be one of the most intimate moments together. That feeling of love that is so strong that others see it in the way you look at each other, we have that, I love that. And I must say also, GoddessV I like the shoes. Ms.Lily

Susan's Pet said...

I am glad of the restoration of a proper setting. I have never seen it happen in my life. It is more like, "everything changes" over the years.

Beautiful female leg and foot shots. Very erotic. You and V should show more.

VeezKnight said...

Sue's Pet,

Yes, everything does change over time, sometimes for the better, but often not. This is why Goddess V and I were so excited (and surprised) to get "our place" back.

Happy to hear you appreciate the photos we took. They were the first we've ever done and we had fun doing them. I'd like to do more, and perhaps we will, provided Goddess V is agreeable.