Tintinnabulation, chocolate chip cookies and other creative ways to discipline your man


This dominant matriarch went from baking chocolate chip cookies with the grandkids to ordering grand pop to worship her gnarly feet before she thumps his ass with the same wooden spoon she used to mix the cookie batter. I’m thinking: this ain’t your average submissive man’s fantasy when it comes to domestic discipline. Submissive men tend to have ideas in their heads, often artfully constructed ideas, governing how they see themselves being controlled and disciplined. Reality however, usually plays out differently.

Over in the VOT Forum they’ve been sharing real-world methods that some of the dominant women members use to enforce and maintain control over their submissive men. There’s definitely spanking going on in many of the wife-led households, but it’s often cited that the challenge with this is a submissive man often enjoys being spanked. So what’s the point of using spanking as discipline? Ditto for other forms of discipline and enforcement. And no, the lady pictured in the photo is not Goddess V. She just happens to be wearing pink pumps that look very similar to Goddess V's. Apparently both dominant ladies were attracted to the same shoes. Imagine that.

Fantasies aside, it comes down to finding practical disciplinary procedures and other effective methods for a dominant woman to send her man the message that She is in charge. VOT ladies have suggested that if a man enjoys being spanked, a better way to discipline is not to give a spanking but to withhold it. I guess you could say the rule of thumb here is to find something he likes and take it away: a favorite TV show, the Internet, etc… Other methods they use include “parking” their man, (having him stay in one place without moving); corner time (with or without the stool and the dunce cap); holding a coin against a wall with his nose; sleeping on the floor; not allowing their man to worship them in whatever ways they normally enjoy. The list goes on, with the emphasis on being creative and variation of the enforcement methods.

People are apt to consider discipline and punishment as being the same thing, so I think it important to draw a distinction between the two. Discipline is an on-going regiment meant to achieve and maintain a certain behavior. In this case of course the desired behavior is the male’s submission to the female’s authority. As such, discipline may include a reminder of consequences if the desired regiment is not maintained. Punishment on the other hand IS the consequence that is incurred when the desired regiment is not maintained.

I personally have come to believe that domestic discipline is a necessary part of a wife-led marriage. I won’t speak for all submissive men (you guys can chime in if you like), but speaking strictly for myself, I feel as if I need a routine of discipline. Sometimes more so than others. Sometimes more than what Goddess V subjects me to. You can keep the dog crate for use with Fido, but I do happen to like being spanked. But wait. Let me back up a little. I like the IDEA of being spanked. I suppose it has to do with the feeling of vulnerability and humiliation of being turned over a woman’s knee. Yes, it also has an erotic nature to it, especially when the spanking leads to play time. But make no mistake: not being a masochist, I do not enjoy the pain. So at least on a conscious level, I can’t say I ever deliberately misbehave just to receive a spanking.

So how about a few more imaginative ways to discipline or punish a problem sub hub. Hey, how about putting a lock on the cookie jar instead of you-know-what? No more homemade chocolate chip cookies! Or how about having hubby clean house au natural with a couple of bells tied to his tallywhacker while he recites Edgar Allen Poe:
…the swinging and the ringing… the jingling and the tinkling… the tintinnabulation that so musically wells from the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells…

Incidentally, this photo shown is of an actual wind chime that was excavated from the ruins of Pompeii. Residents of that ancient city surely must have been a fun loving lot.


RIka said...

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steve said...

VK, having just found your blog and now having every one of your and Goddess V's posts, I almost feel I know you!

Your humor and just good old common sense makes for required reading as I begin with my Goddess our FLR (Day 8 as I write this).

So this comment is just to say Thanks and keep up the great work!

VeezKnight said...

We're so glad you've found our posts helpful. Best of luck in establishing your own FLR with your Goddess.

Queen'sKnight1 said...

How interesting, I just came here to suggest that you'd like Ms Rika's thoughts re. discipline and punishment in her new book.

Pompeii....Oh how you and GV would love a day strolling that city. The paintings above the individual stalls in the brothel are comical. Some of the rich citizens had bronze sculptures cast in their own likeness, with certain features somewhat exaggerated. In one house there was prominently displayed what most accurately might be described as a three legged man. Talk about inflated ego; something was definitely blown out of proportion!!

Susan's Pet said...


I have formulated the same conclusion about discipline. In general between vanilla adult couples this is not something that is applied in the corporal manner, rather words and attitudes are used.

However, because of the amount of D/S involved in an FLR, corporal approach is more or less expected by both sides. If not already voiced or agreed, it is a matter of time. Discipline session are erotic to anticipate by both partners, and they reaffirm their respective positions. Only the severity needs to be negotiated.

Punishment is for a different purpose, and fewer people will subscribe to it. It is meant to retribute for an offense, and to subsequently absolve guilt. Only among adults who subscribe to D/S should this be a way of life. It can still be erotic, but it is certainly painful.

VeezKnight said...


I've since exchanged a few emails with Ms. Rika and do plan to read her book.

A number of our friends recently visited Pompeii while on vacation. I didn't let on that I know as much about it as I do. They either did not see or failed to mention the paintings, statuary, etc...