Naked People Rock

Naked People Rock

I never featured myself as a submissive. Yet an undeniable sense of fulfillment in being dominated by the woman I love now partly defines who I am as a man. I never featured myself to be a nudist. And yet just recently it seems nudism will partly define who I am as a person. Goddess V and I recently returned from vacationing at a nude resort. It was our very first experience with nudism on any scale. Most definitely, it will not be our last.

Interestingly enough, I noticed a parallel between nudism and FemDom. In speaking with numerous other couples at the resort, we learned that venturing into nudism is most often first suggested by the man, just as the notion of FemDom is first breached by the male. Often the woman is not receptive to the idea. Some flatly refuse. Sound familiar? Some begrudgingly agree to try it even though they are uncomfortable with the idea. Of the women we talked to who had either initially refused or were initially uncomfortable, all were glad they had given nudism a try. As with woman who try FemDom, they seemed quite happy and content with the new lifestyle.

I don’t mean to infer there is any connection between nudism and FemDom. I saw no indication that the couples we met and hung out with had wife-led marriages.

Our relationship as Goddess and submissive was pretty much on hold while we were away—within reason anyway. So it’s possible the same was true for some of the other couples. We met one or two who I think might be into FemDom. And except for one controlling husband, I saw indications that most of the men we met were submissive and wanted to be dominated. You know how people tend to goof around when they get to know each other and start to get comfortable. I made a number of comments about spanking, whips, collars and leashes and every time the men picked up on it. It tells me this is just what they want—or they wouldn’t be so interested.

There are still times in my submissive role that I think to myself, “I can’t believe I’m doing this and actually enjoying it.” It was the same during our vacation. Trying nudism was something we both wanted to do. As when we first talked about FemDom, we seemed to intuitively know it would work for us. Still, there were a couple of times during our vacation when we both said, “I can’t believe we are here among all these naked people we don’t even really know.”

Just like I always felt like a Goddess, I always knew somewhere inside I could be a nudist. Maybe because I’m an exhibitionist at heart and maybe because I don’t give a good shit even if I do need to lose a few pounds. Take away designer outfits and strip people down to their birthday suits and you find out people are just people… and none of us are perfect in the bare flesh. So who cares? All of the people we met were exceptionally friendly, courteous and respectful. It’s what we had been told going into it and we found it to be the truth.

The down side, if there is one, is that we have added another wrinkle to our relationship that will be, at least for now, another source of frustration. As with our FemDom relationship, nudism, or naturism if you prefer that term, is a lifestyle that we will not be able to openly practice around the house as much as we might like. Alas, we still have grown kids at home that make this impractical even if we did kick the heat up a few notches. However, unlike the FemDom aspect of or marriage that remains private, we have not been the least bit secretive about our nudism. This is a good thing because we enjoy FemDom and nudism so much, I think one of us might bust a gut if we had to keep both of these sides of our relationship a secret.


Queen'sKnight1 said...

We have a favorite naturalist beach we used to visit frequently, until our little one came along. We haven't been since she became old enough to realize where we were.

oldbear said...

Hi VK, I am glad it went so well for both of you.

Another fine post from a great couple. thank you!

Lsub_eli said...

We have been taking our kids to a clothing optional hot spring since they were born. They are now 10 and 6 and love it. I fear our vacation photos may be declared child porn some day, though there is nothing sexual about them. Kids typically drop out around 13 or so and don't come back until they hit their 20's.