Sue started her blog in September and unfortunately has already decided she will no longer maintain it. This is an excerpt from her last post. Sue, if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t mind, but I think your words are worth repeating here for those who haven't read them.

You can teach your partner the nuts (however twisted and tethered you may wish them to be) and bolts of your preferred sexual practices. You can talk about the advantages to her, but ultimately she will explore your sexuality with you for one reason.

She loves you.

She feels good about your relationship, herself and your future together. I think your existing relationship is your best hope of seeing your desires realized. Anything you can do to increase romance, communication and intimacy will be in your favor, but I think you already know that.

So please consider this;

We all have dreams. Some dreams and hopes are fulfilled; some by hard work and determination, others by serendipity. Some dreams are discarded.

And some dreams are stored in a drawer. When we are alone we take them out and consider them. Then we quietly put them back and we return to the reality of our existence.

As deep as your desire to submit to a woman is, your partner may have a dream or hope equally hidden, equally unfulfilled. Find it.

Help her discover something that she’d put away in that drawer. Something beyond her realm of wife, lover, mother, of housework and career. Something she thought was lost. Help her realize that dream.

You want to be her knight? Help your Lady find her Camelot first.

Then buy that paddle.


Tom Allen said...

Sue writes "I’ve blogged for two months with my hubby as my only reader and I learned this"

I wonder if she realizes that there is no way to leave a comment on her blog. Blogger needs that option to be enabled, and if she was looking for validation, feedback, whatever, there was no way to do that. Could she be abandoning this because she no longer sees the point?

Tom Allen
The Edge of Vanilla

Bonnie said...

what is Sues orginal blog I would love to read what she did write...or have a way of contacting her.
I would dearly love to use that peice on a project for my site.
Her words would ring true for SO MANY

Collar N cuffs

Lady Julia said...

I'm glad you posted this. Perhaps she doesn't realize about the comments, Tom. I know she reads my blog because she's left comments there so I'll make certain to post and share your comments. I agree, she is a delightful writer and I will miss reading her work.

Bonnie, Sue's blog is Sue Wears The Pants

Anonymous said...

In case nobody has noticed, Susan is posting again. Totally wicked, too.

Tom Allen
The Edge of Vanilla