The Pleasure of a Fart


This is the title of one of the last works written by the writer who penned two of the greatest American novels ever written: Tom Sawyer and, my all-time favorite novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I found no substantiation for this during a quick search across the Internet, so this is according to one of my college professors, suggesting that perhaps Mark Twain had gone ‘round the bend in his final years. Nonetheless, the pleasure of a fart is also an experience I am not permitted to enjoy. Around Goddess V that is. It has nothing to do with FemDom. Long before our vanilla lifestyle began to change flavor, she decreed her presence to be a No-Fart zone, with a perimeter well outside audible and whiffing distance. Nine years later she has yet to hear me blow my horn, nor I her. Okay, I’ve heard and felt a few puffs when she’s sleeping—she always seems to do it when her butt is snuggled up against me in bed—but she says she can’t be held responsible when she’s sleeping. True enough.

Interestingly enough, during an argument that ensued while we had separated for a few months after living together for a year, Goddess V accused me of being a typical Cancer and going into my shell too often. You see, I’d spent a fair amount of time by myself on our patio during that first year, and in her mind, I was mulling things over in my head without sharing them with her. She considered this unacceptable. During that particular argument I responded, “For chrissakes think about it, you damn bitch! I was out on the patio so I could fuckin-A fart without pissing you off.”

As you may well surmise, these days I would not address Goddess V in this tone. I know better now. Surely there would be hell to pay, more so than if I disobeyed the No-Fart statute, which, by the way, I have come to see as a means of showing her the respect she deserves. And Goddess V now knows that if I am chilling on our deck by myself as I often do, yes, I may be passing gas discretely. And if I happen to be thinking about certain things, whatever they may be, so be it. She now understands that I trust her enough to share everything that goes on in my head. I have no shell, no hideaway to which she is denied entrance.

When you first read the headline to this post, you may have thought you were in for a kinky read. And now you may find it a remarkable paradox to learn that a woman who finds it perfectly acceptable to strap on a dildo and mount her husband, also finds flatulence, though a normal bodily function, to be best accomplished discretely and privately. No, I’m not about to advocate the path to a successful female-led relationship (or a happy vanilla marriage for that matter) is to turn your home into a flatulence-free environment. All of our friends know about Goddess V’s rule and I often take a lot of ribbing about it. It seems that these days most men and women alike find it a ridiculous notion that one should not be able to lift a cheek when nature calls, especially when you’re in the confines of your own home.

However, this is a good example (admittedly an unlikely one) of how people change. If you had told me ten years ago that today I would have not only throttled methane up my ass, but also six and a half inches of phallic silicone, I’d have had a good chuckle over that one. Yet here I am. Yes, we change. We learn and we grow. When two people in a loving relationship do it together, and they communicate and trust and respect each other, when they are open to new ideas, oft times wonderful things happen. And with respect to FemDom, for all of you submissive wannabes who fear your wife would be unwilling to embrace this lifestyle, remember this. Life and people are often paradoxical and contradictory. Just because you may see your wife as being too structured, too “old fashioned”, too “prim and proper” or whatever, doesn’t necessarily mean she wouldn’t happily turn you over her knee.

Life according to VeezKnight

When You Wish Upon a Star


I read in a post on Lady H’s blog that she loves Disney World. I couldn’t help but smile, and it got me to thinking. It all started with a mouse and a dream. One man envisioned a controlled and meticulously maintained fantasy environment in which people young and old could enjoy wholesome fun and share in the magic of make believe. Sadly, Walt Disney didn’t live long enough to see his dream come true, perhaps more so than even he had anticipated. I wonder if he would be surprised (horrified?) to know his dream appeals even to those predisposed to FemDom and BDSM?

I dislike crowds. I prefer to vacation in resorts that exclude children. I refuse to wait for an hour or more outside popular Olive Garden-type restaurants, waiting for my pager to indicate our table is finally ready. I find hot and humid weather uncomfortable. Yet I too love WDW. Despite the crowds and overly tired crying kids, despite the expense and humid Florida weather, there is something about WDW that draws me. I think it is the organization's commitment to Make Believe, and their Indefatigable efforts to carry it through to the nth degree that appeals to the romantic in me. I think it is also the ability to instill magic into peoples' lives that many are incapable of achieving on their own.

In a way it seems almost sacrilegious, that the same man could revel in Illuminations at EPCOT then go home to kiss the feet of his wife after thanking her for a spanking. That would be me. I get goose bumps standing in the World Showcase as the lights dim around the lagoon, and the music builds, the lasers flash, the fountains surge and fireworks, oh those fireworks that are so beautifully choreographed to the music. Yet I am equally enthralled and captivated submitting to Goddess V, worshipping her, obeying her, loving her, accepting her discipline, sharing life with her. Both experiences transport me to a magical place.

I may be a man who wants and needs to be dominated by his wife, but this doesn’t mean I am that different from vanilla people. I still delight in the magic of WDW. And if you passed me on Main Street you would see me as being no different than any other park visitor. The difference is that, being submissive in a loving marriage that Goddess V controls, I don’t leave the magic behind when I walk through the gate at the end of the day. I carry it with me in my soul. What may seem to be a fairytale to some, is a very real and welcome reality for me. As the song says:

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you.

If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star as dreamers do.

(Fate is kind, she brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing.)

Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you thru
When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

Power and Control


"It would be pleasant, sir, to walk beside thee and hear thee condemn me for my sins." -- Lillian Gish in The Scarlet Letter, 1926

I happened to catch part of a television program a few weeks ago about a family with 16 children that was building a house for themselves. What struck me was a scene in which a friend who was helping the family meets a female interior designer who had agreed to help decorate the home. She wasn’t mean or overbearing, but she carried an air of self-confidence and proceeded to tell this man with authority the projects she wanted him to undertake. Here was this somewhat burley but well groomed guy in his plaid shirt and carpentry belt who later looks at the camera and says, “I think most men are afraid of women.” And referring to the designer he added, “I sure am afraid of her.”

There is controversy among anthropologists as to whether early societies were matriarchal. Since no written records exist, most of what we know, or think we know, is based on relics that archeologists have uncovered. The story they tell is largely subject to interpretation. Regardless, we do know that patriarchy, with few exceptions, has prevailed throughout recorded history. Most recognize that these patriarchal societies have, to varying degrees, treated women oppressively. At worst women were treated as little more than beasts of burden and considered possessions of men. At best they were regarded as inferior and less intelligent creatures whose primary function was to have babies (preferably male ones) and to make life easier for their men. In America it’s only been since the 19th Constitutional Amendment became law on August 26, 1920 that women have even been considered intelligent enough to vote.

In the world according to VeezKnight, sociological events can somehow be linked to power, either the pursuit of power, the maintenance of power, the loss of power or the absence of power. And every society is essentially divided into two groups, those with power and those without. Inevitably, whether it be with benevolence or malevolence, those with power rule or somehow control those without. With this in mind, I don’t think it matters if matriarchy preceded patriarchy. Whether or not men rose to power or maintained it from the beginning, they have dominated women because they fear them. Why? Men know women have what they want and are wired by nature to crave. They know this gives women power over them, which could easily be used to control them. Rather than risk this, men have channeled their aggressive behavior into dominating and oppressing women, simply to keep them from fully realizing their potential for control.

Aggression is often a manifestation of insecurity and inner weakness. Nonetheless, in times when women were considered mere possessions, this tact has allowed men to simply take what they want. In more “enlightened” times as women rose along the social scale, it still prevented them from realizing the true potential of their feminine sexual power. Through it all, it was men who were behind teaching women to be ladies, not to flaunt their sexuality, to keep their legs together, to remain virgins until marriage. In ancient Rome and Greece, statues celebrated the human body, the male pallus often depicted in all its splendor. Statues of females however often have their genitalia discretely concealed. It was largely men who coined terms such as slut, whore, bitch and so forth. Would anyone seriously suggest that women created pornography?

One could argue that Nature intended homo sapiens to evolve in this manner. It’s why men were given larger size and greater strength, as well as a proclivity for aggression, violence and competition. With the roles of hunter, gather, came the roles of protector and defender. Oppression toward women came with the territory as an evitable part of the deal. Today however, at least in the civilized world, men are no longer hunters and gathers, and there is no longer much need for continual protection and defense against wild animals and neighboring hostile tribes. With the emerging equality between sexes, the boundaries defining our traditional roles as male and female are evaporating. Evaporating along with those boundaries is the opportunity for men to oppress, dilute or otherwise ignore the power of feminine sexuality. Without being able to identity women as “the adversary”, I think that in some ways, men have lost sight of their own purpose and identity.

Exacerbating this is how women are now better educated, more sure of themselves and more accepting of their sexuality. They excel in sports, the arts, academics, the sciences, politics and business, as well as occupy positions of leadership in all of those areas. Women now wield even more power in the mind of the male. It’s this image of authority and self-assuredness, combined with their sexuality that is digging deep into the male psyche to cultivate a seed planted by Mother Nature, a seed that has never been allowed to germinate. Perhaps Nature intended for it to sprout long ago, perhaps not until society had reached the point we are at today. Either way, the seed of submission to female authority is taking root and growing in male consciousness.



Sometimes when I review in my mind something I thought I already knew and understood, I find that a change must have occurred in the way I think. The result is that my thought process leads me into new and sometimes surprising directions. And I think to myself, “I’m a smart man, so why did I not see this before?” Consider SEX for example. Or more specifically, the act of sexual intercourse between a woman and a man. Here's a subject most of us know and pretty much understand… or do we?

It's pretty basic when you analyze the act itself. Penetrating a woman’s vagina with his penis feels good to a man. This causes him to want to do just that. Duh, no brainer there. Stroking it in and out feels even better, which again makes him want to do just that. Each thrust brings greater and greater pleasure until he eventually ejaculates. A valve opens somewhere allowing those seven or so spasms that force semen from his body, each one bringing a sense of euphoria the male has only to experience one time in order to want to feel it again and again and again. Boys being what they are, chances are pretty good most males learn about the magic of an orgasm well before they have the opportunity to deposit their seed inside a female. Yet despite evidence that the best feeling orgasms are self-induced, experiencing orgasm courtesy of a woman’s vagina is still the preferred stimulus. In the male’s mind anyway.

Were a woman’s vagina a hostile vessel, and penetrating her felt like poking one’s organ into a snug-fitting tube of sandpaper, she’d no doubt need to pay a man to penetrate her. And if the spasms of ejaculation brought with them excruciating pain, such as, say, having a tooth extracted without novocaine, you can bet most men would avoid intercourse like the plague, and masturbation would be practiced by only the purist of masochists. Obviously then, Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she engineered the human sex act. At least from the male’s point of view. But what about the female?

Through the ages then, largely because it feels so damn good to ejaculate, males have been enticed into perpetuating the species. We want to do it at every opportunity with every woman who is willing. And when we can’t, we are quite adept at and not reluctant to take matters into our own hands. Since Mother Nature also gave us brains capable of thought and reason, the act of intercourse and subsequent ejaculation took on a purpose that made procreation secondary if not unwanted altogether. That purpose is FUN. As a result, humans appear to be the only species that engages in sex for the shear fun of it. But fun for whom?

The male gender of a species is often more colorful in order to attract and impress the female. It’s the female who decides which male she will take for a mate. A woman needs to be romanced. She has a myriad of buttons that need to be pushed, gages that must be interpreted and dials that need to be twiddled just so in order for her to be receptive, in order for her to be “in the mood”. A man has no such complexity. He has but a single switch: ON/OFF. A woman, when she finally does get her motor running, can orgasm repeatedly. A man cannot. In surveys, many women report they don’t typically reach orgasm through intercourse alone, whereas it’s a rare man who does not reach orgasm during intercourse. A woman takes longer to achieve orgasm (7 minutes?) A man can achieve it in, well let’s just say that many women will attest that though the days of the American Revolution are long past, there remains no shortage of Minutemen.

A woman doesn’t reach the zenith of her sexual desire until after her prime child-bearing years have ended, whereas the male’s sexual peak coincides with those years. He is horny as hell at a time when she is less likely to be receptive to frequent sexual advances due to the mental and physical rigors of raising children. Is this wide disparity between female and male sexuality Mother Nature’s cruel joke, or did She perhaps have another scheme in mind? It stands to reason that in the grand design, it could very well be that Mother Nature intended for women to control sex. When you think about it, whether or not one sees any validity in female-led relationships, this makes a whole lot more sense. Given this, considering that Nature wired men to be so preoccupied with sex, then it doesn’t take much of a mental leap to see that by giving women control of sex, Nature intended for women to also control (dominate) men.

Think about that. I sure have.