Enough is enough?


Too many women have a "problem" with the shape their body is in. Too fat. Boobs too small. Boobs too large. Ass too wide. Belly too paunchy. Arms too flabby. Chin too saggy. The corollary is that men are pretty much responsible for the self-image that many women maintain. One has only to view your average porn video, 95% of which are created by men, to see the proof.

And women's fashion. What I want to know is, who is responsible for creating the clown outfits such as the ones pictured here that were recently presented at a Victoria's Secret fashion show. I would be shocked to learn that a woman had designed them. If so, what the hell were you thinking? Sure, the models are young gals. News flash: young girls grow up to be anorexic, and very unhappy women.

When the hell is someone going to say, "Enough is enough!" I realize that as a society, we are grossly overweight, but give me a break. The majority of women, even healthy, active ones, outgrow size zero sometime in elementary school I would imagine. what is so inherently wrong with being a size 14, 16 or, God forbid, an 18 or beyond. Goddess V says she was born a size 12 and grew from there. Happily, GoddessV's self-image is positive enough that she doesn't care about wearing "womens" sizes.

Sadly, many women are not as fortunate as my wife and as a result perpetually aspire to be less than what they are. Here's another news flash: lots... and LOTS of men actually prefer voluptuous, zoftig women over the more boobless, assless toothpick variety.

Here in femdom land, the Number One perplexing issue has always been: why doesn't every women embrace the notion of being in a wife-led marriage where hubby submits to her loving female authority? Why do so many women go screaming into the night when their husbands suggest this lifestyle? Why do women not embrace it, spread the word and unite to make this lifestyle the norm?

Here's preplexing issue Number Two: why do women continue to allow "society" (I'll say society but we know it's mostly men) to dictate the shape women's bodies should take, and to design the clothing they think women should wear? Why do women not say, "You can kiss what you may think is my fat ass if you expect I'm gonna wear a stupid looking clown outfit that you think is flattering and sheik."


BOB said...

Well said!Great post!

But truth be told i think the pressure to be obscenly thin often comes from other women.

Most guys i know dont like women that look anorexic.But women's magazines push the idea And i am betting that many of the writers of these magazines are women.

Personally, i think a woman looks more atractive in a comfortable and loose skirt or plain blue jeans than a tight skirt.And flip flops look better than high heels in my opinion.

Maybe its just me ,but when a woman dresses in clothes that are uncomfortable[like 6 inch heels] just to please men , its a turn off for me.they dont seem confident in themself.

Personally i prefer women who dresss casually for their own comfort and dont wear makeup or nail polish .

I also get turned off by women who constantly read fashion magazines.But a woman who reads a news magazine and is intelligent is someone i am generally attracted to.

OctousHeart said...

Apparently there is a positive body image revolution: I saw this in my wife's Glamour Magazine.


Anonymous said...

The models look great, and the outfits look fun and happy! What is the problem?

These models ARE real women, and they are very pretty. Hmmm, maybe that's why they are working as models. No one says anyone has to look like anyone else or be smaller, larger or anything else. Be who you wanna be. If you are happy being larger, that's wonderful.

But please, are we getting angry and ugly because these women are beautiful?

BTJ said...

These are not real women, plastic ones I believe. I'll take my idea of my real woman , my wife, anyday.