Okay, maybe this makes sense after all


There have been several celebrity women over the years who for one reason or another, captivated me the moment I first saw them. There was Jane Seymour as Solitaire opposite James Bond; Meg Ryan in her supporting role in Top Gun; Jane Fonda as hooker, Bree Daniels, in Klute; perspiring, husky-voiced Kathleen Turner in Body Heat. Meredith Baxter in the short-lived TV sitcom, Bridget Loves Bernie, is another. I'd be less than truthful if I said I hadn't fantasized about her more than once in my younger years.

Today, at the age of 62, after being married three times and having given birth to five children, Meredith announced on NBC’s Today television program that she is a lesbian. Wow. How is it that a woman in her mid fifties can suddenly discover she is gay? According to Meredith in her interview with Matt Lauer, her’s has not been a case of life-long denial trying to be something she is not. Rather, it was only seven years ago that she discovered the truth about her sexuality. Her reaction was, “Okay [deep breath], maybe certain things in my life make sense after all. It wasn’t just that I was a bad picker of husbands.”

Despite never seeing that one coming, I’ve gotta say that I still think Meredith is all that—and a bag of chips. In some respects her admission, or discovery, or whatever one wishes to call it, can be an inspiration for some of we men who live (or want to live) a wife-led, femdom lifestyle. I myself cruised all the way to age 50 before discovering the truth about my sexuality. There’d been no legacy of surpressed feelings, or unfilled desire to be dominated by a woman. I'd been merrily plugging along, content in the notion that a male's rightful position is on top.

Yet once I met the right woman, perhaps similar to how it happened when Meredith met her partner, Nancy, the truth surfaced. Suddenly there was male chastity, and spankings, and strap-ons, and panties, and all manner of oh-my-God femdom trappings. It was as Meredith said: certain things in my past began to make sense. There was an undeniable rightness to it and I thought, “Okay, [deep breath] this must be why I’ve always experienced a nagging feeling that something was missing in my marriage.” Watching the video of Meredith’s TV interview, I couldn't help but feel admiration for her desire to get it out in the open. I remember the relief I felt once I had been up front with Goddess V about what was happening in my head.

I felt a certain kinship as well, partly because I have a daughter who came out as a lesbian about two years ago. So maybe I am more accepting of homosexuality than others. Maybe it's in my genes to be more accepting of various less-than-vanilla lifestyles. I love my little girl and as long as she is happy, that’s what matters most to me. After all, in the end, isn't that what matters most? I can identify with Baxter on a sexuality level, at least to a certain degree. No, it's not a direct parallel, but I can appreciate how it feels to experience having an unexpected inner truth surface to turn your sexuality on its ear. And I can relate to how she may have initially struggled with her revelation. Do I push it away or do I go with it, test it, see if it’s real?

For me, it became clear, early on that it was neither dalliance nor fantasy. My need for loving female authority was quite real. Thank the stars, Goddess V embraced what to her was also a new role. If anything, my desire to submit to her loving authority, domination and discipline grows with time. As it appears to be for Meredith Baxter’s lesbianism, the discovery of my submissive nature is one of the best and most fulfilling things that’s ever happened. Like her, I am so very thankful I took that initial deep breath and said “okay.”


Suzanne said...

My congratulations on a very well-written and insightful posting. I myself went through many of the same feelings, finally coming to the realization that I belonged on top! Fortunately, I met the right man and we've become united in a wonderful Wife Led Marriage. Keep posting!

Forever Hers said...

A very well put post, it's never too late to redine your sexuality. My wife and I began our WLR after 25 years of marriage. We were both brought up in the 50's where the husband lead and the wife stayed home, made no decisions, as per "Leave it to Beaver" tv show. We were always into fem dom a little, but with children around it was hard to express, except when we planned a slave day every few months when we arranged a day off together and the children were in school. How I wished at that time that somehow we could continue it into me being her permanent slave. Well, after the children went off to college and then married or went off on their own I began acting as though I was now her slave. My wife noticed after several weeks and commented that she definetely wanted to be in charge, but she wanted still a husband not a lowly slave. So we began without realizing a WLM, and it has grown to the wonderful relationship we have today. She stated 8 years ago that she did not wish to spank me as punishment anymore because she saw that it aroused me by the huge pre-cum stain on the front of my panties. Also she said that it was too much work to tie me up and swing her whip, she shouldn't have to exert herself that much anymore. I asked her many years ago if she would permit me to wear panties every day, she agreed as long as they were not pink or frilly. Again she said that she wanted a husband not a girlfriend. To punish me when I displease her (very rare) she adds more time onto the 6 weeks I must wait before she will start to consider allowing me to cum. This past summer I did make her very angry while we were out at a party, when we got home she said I would have to stand in the bedroom corner naked every evening for 2 hours for 2 full weeks, 28 hours in all. Plus for each hour I must do corner time she adds that onto my wait time, so I was now up to 10 weeks with now 28 more days added. I behaved so well after that, 10 weeks is the longest I have gone without cumming and it was unbearable. She used to have me wear a chastity device, it was mutual, but she felt my devotion to her and being obedient to her should be all the chastity control I need. So after wearing the CB 3000 for about 4 years she said my chastity control would be based on trust and obedience to what she tells me and no more artificial control. The last 3 weeks I actually begged her to allow me to wear it, she said no. Every morning and night she gently rubs my cock and balls through the soft silky panty driving me crazy, stopping right before the point of no return which she warns me about constantly. Six months of wait time if I cum without permission. So my point is , this is now our life, it is wonderful and we began it also very late into our marriage. It is never too late to begin a WLM.

Judy's Boy said...

We too had something missing from our marriage, and as you said, when we began to have my wife as dominant, all of a sudden it changed everything. It all kind of made sense, all those pent up feelings that I wanted her to take charge, punish me for bad behavior, and tease and deny me orgasms for long periods. It was always strange to me that I actually wanted that from my wife, but when we discussed it and she reluctantly agreed to try it out for awhile, it worked for us. I was careful not to overdo it and not expect all of my fantasies to be explored right away by her. I showed her devotion and made sure I did all of the housework, which made an immediate good point. Now we have a realy intense female led marriage. She controls the frequency of my orgasms, spanks me when she feels its needed, has me watch all of her tv shows with her and of course requires me to satisfy every desire she has, yes, orgasms for only her several nights a week Everyone can change as Meredith did, good for her. You only go around once in life so try not to live with regrets.

markiee said...

When I was in college one of the girls I was dating looked a lot like Meredith (very beautiful). She was athletic, sexy, fun to be around and liked to get her way. We were in her apartment and had just finished dinner and started to fool around when something about lesbians came on the news. I made some wise ass comment and before I knew it we were in an argument. It was then that she told me she was bisexual and that I was undressed appropriately for that last comment and before I knew it I was up-ended over her knee as she pulled my underwear down and started spanking me. Not long after, her roommate/girlfriend walked in on us and proceeded to tell her what had happened. She stayed to watch me get my first spanking from Cindy. Afterwards Cindy asked Debby to get her some hand cream. As she turned she turned me right side up on her lap and started sucking on and biting my nipples. When Debby came back in Cindy asked her to squirt a liberal amount into her right hand and proceeded to cream me until I lost control just to humiliate me even more in front of her girlfriend.