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A gentleman by the name of Ken posted this comment on the Wordpress version of this blog. He posted this in response to Goddess V's "Empowerment" post, dated August of 2007. (At one time I had planned to move this blog to Wordpress, hence the duplication, but then I decided to stay with blogger simply because it seemed easier to use. I no longer update Wordpress and ended with a message pointing readers to this URL.)

I don't necessarily agree with everything Ken says in his post, but as a man who obviously appreciates the wisdom of wife-led marriage and loving female authority, I though his well-articulated message deserved to be reproduced here. I found it interesting that many Christians interpret Biblical teachings as calling for men to rule the household. Yet Ken, also a Christian, finds just the opposite.

When I was a teenager I accidentally came upon a book called “The Natural Superiority of Women” in our local library. At the time, I didn’t believe it could possibly be true, but I thought it a little strange that there was no such book teaching MALE superiority! I decided it must be because most everyone already knows that MEN are superior! However, as a 69 year old married man I have over the years become convinced that Women are, indeed, superior to men.
Here is why:

1) Women are more independent.

This first evidence I’m giving of female superiority I think is a powerful one. It has been my observation that men seem to NEED Women more than Women need men. And consequently if a man loses his wife (or romantic interest) he is much more inclined to be depressed for more lengthy periods than a Woman would be. In such situations men are even more apt to go berserk, killing themselves and others. And when living without the opposite sex, men have a greater tendency to become mentally and/or emotionally unbalanced, self-centered and/or overly aggressive. Truly, “It is not good for a man to be alone.” And it seems to be worse for a man than a Woman.

2) Women have the greatest role in life.
They are the life givers. And the act of bringing another human being into the world is, arguably, the greatest accomplishment of all human endeavors, far surpassing the work of scientists, inventors, political leaders, and even prophets and Bible teachers. For nearly all of their work will ultimately be destroyed, but the labor of women in giving birth has eternal consequences. Women even have the most prominent part in nurturing and training these newborns. On the other hand, man’s role in reproduction is extremely small in comparison to Woman’s. And it is man–not Woman–who is almost solely responsible for the destruction of life.

3) Women tend to be more dominant.

One sees this not only in ancient biblical characters such as Adam, Samson and Solomon, but even to this day: “”Psychological tests reveal that more than half of the wives tested are more dominant that their husbands. It is not uncommon to discover in such tests that a wife will score in the eighties or nineties on dominance, while the husband’s score may be in the twenties or thirties” (from “The art of Understanding Your Mate,” by Cecil Osborne). As the Christian authoress, P. B. Wilson wrote, “So it is–with few exceptions–that women want to control and men want to relax.”

4) Women have superior qualities.
Which sex is the most loving, nurturing and gentle? We all know it’s the female sex, Woman. Her greatest quality is her superior love, love that is often unconditional–and the greatest quality of our Creator as well (I John 4:8,16). We also know that it is primarily the males who fill up society’s jails and prisons. In other words, a Woman, generally speaking, is a more godly creature.

5) The order of Creation proves a Woman to be superior.

If you read the biblical account in Genesis, then you see a steady progression, how God created first all manner of sea life and flying creatures. The next day He created all manner of beasts and insects. And the following day He created the first man…THEN God created Woman, His last and greatest creation.

6) The biblical chain of authority proves Women are superior.
For the best translation of I Corinthians 11:10 reads that a Woman “ought to have authority OVER her head,” meaning over her husband. And with this authority She, not her husband, is to “rule the household” (I Timothy 5:14, original Greek). In the original Greek, a man is never delegated to rule the home, only to take the lead in teaching the Word of God. And as if to emphasize a Woman’s authority in the home, God has repeatedly indicated in the Scriptures that wives are to discipline their husbands!


So as a Christian man, I obey my wife because she is superior to me and because God commands me to submit to her. Furthermore, I obey her because I know from experience that I cannot be truly happy or fulfilled without being in total submission.


BOB said...

I just wanted to say that the original post by GoddessV was one of the bests posts on Wife Led Marriages that i have read. The letter from the gentleman named Paul was very thought provoking.