On veterans male and female


Today we remember the many millions of veterans of our Armed Forces, both male and female, especially those who gave their lives as a result of their service in both peacetime and wartime. THANK YOU!

It's interesting in the above illustration that only one woman is shown, when actually, many, many women have served in the United States Armed Forces. During wartime, particularly WWII, women were often shown in illustrations used in poster promotions. Many such posters urged women to "hold down the fort" so to speak, or to take over jobs vacated by men who were overseas fighting, or to conserve food and other supplies so that more could be allocated for our troops. Considering the times, some treated women with a reasonable degree of respect.

Some however border on being downright demeaning. Consider this poster for example.

This one pretty much says, "Wow, the wings you riveted onto those airplanes you help build didn't fall of in combat after all." I especially like what I'm sure is an unintentional look on the woman's face that seems to respond, "Amazing isn't it. Now how about you choke on that sandwich then go shit in your hat."

And then there is this WWII poster aimed I assume mostly at our solders, sailors and flyboys when on R & R.

Picking up females for sex was thought of as taking chances with a loaded gun? Righto: VD is not victory, that's for sure. Damn those treacherous and unclean women for luring unsuspecting, war-worn soldiers into sticking their willies into infected but oh-so-inviting coochies.

This WWII magazine ad shows the miracle drug saving lives on the battle field, which it most certainly did. But one wonders how many GI's were also dosed after reporting for period short-arm inspections. And thanks to penicillin he'll come home with a penis that won't give you syph or the clap. (Geez, in the face of today's threat of HIV, a case of VD seems almost welcome does it not?)


BOB said...

Great post.Thank you for honouring our veterans.And thank you for posting those posters.Maybe its just me, but nothing says FLR like a confident self assured woman using a drill [" do the job he left behind"].I know this sounds silly but i found that propaganda poster to be quite sexy.