Whoa, who knew...


… it would be an entire year between posts on this blog. Actually, after several months had passed without posting, I began to pretty much assume I would let this blog fade into oblivion. I simply didn’t feel as though I had much of anything worthwhile to impart. You know how it goes, you find yourself repeating things you had said in the past, almost like a senior citizen recounts ad nauseam events that happened 40 years ago. THAT can get old real fast.

The other day I went through my bookmarked blogs and was surprised (but not really) to find that half of them had been deleted. Hell, even Emily and Ken at AHF are having a tough go of it keeping their monthly Q/A letters current. Never fear though, over at Yes, I’m a Submissive Man, John is still posting prolifically (and still longing to be collared and Queened—no offense, John).

Then I logged in here on our blog and truly WAS surprised. We still average nearly 190 unique visitors per day. If I can believe StatCounter, just this week there have been 1,400 unique visitors and 1,200 first-time visitors. And to date this year, there have been over 70,000 page loads. Holy crap! Seems there are a great many more people interested in this lifestyle than one might initially guess.

Goddess V and I discussed this and she “suggested” that I continue to post. That was easy for her to say since I’m the one who must make it so. Never mind that I’m both the writer and the submissive in our relationship. Of course it makes even more sense when I consider the original intent for maintaining this blog was mainly to encourage and legitimize interest in Female-Led Relationships, Loving Female Authority and FemDom in general.

So considering the continued interest in this lifestyle, I’ll attempt to pick up where I left off over one year ago. I’ll share some of the challenges we face in keeping our FemDom relationship alive in the face of real life, because life insists on intervening, not just on ya’ll but on Goddess V and me as well. I’ll also share thoughts on some new directions we are considering, as well as how and why we are increasingly less concerned with how others may see us and more intent on living a lifestyle that works for us.


subservient-husband said...


My intent of blogging was a convenient place to log my thoughts to assist in my submissive development. I want to please my wife, and therefore strive to improve my submission. Any struggles you encounter and post on your blog would be helpful to me as different perspective on the same problem often bring the solution to light.

currently, I am struggling with topping-from-the-bottom manipulation sneaking up on me without me really consciously doing it.

mosthandysub said...

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to reading your blog again!

VeezKnight said...

I think many submissive men have recurring issues with TFTB. I think it's something we can easily do--without even trying. :) Goddess V will tell you that I still do it now and then, without even knowing I am doing it.

Thanks for the welcome back.

subservient-husband said...

...any suggestions on getting rid of it? maybe some spray on fumigation ?

Cherylssubhub said...

Very glad to see you posting here again. I have enjoyed reading your posts here as well as on a couple of forums where I have seen you post. I look forward to reading more in the future.


happy man said...

Welcome back. Nice to see you posting again. I have started seeing my goddess and will start my own blog documenting out journey. I will let you know as soon as it is up. Johnny