Coming... and going


Well, maybe not completely just yet, but we're coming back. You see, the thing is, Goddess V and I have a real-world relationship, meaning our marriage is subject to real world pressures. As is often said, "Shit happens." Since last Spring, we've had our share of crap happen to us: illness, job challenges, surgery, loss of loved ones and so forth. The end result is that we've been preoccupied and not much inclined to post to this blog.

The good news is that through it all Goddess V and I have hung together. Better, we're coming away from these experiences with changed attitudes about certain things and some new ways of thinking as well. We are sure this will serve us well by helping us make the most of our lives (both as individuals and as a couple) in the coming months and years.

While they are leaving
I'm sad to say the Female Led Forum is closing down by the end of this week. Goddess Aradia and Goddess Holly have decided enough is enough and are no longer willing to keep the group going. Moreover, they are unwilling to allow someone else to step in and take over. In the year or so that I belonged to the group, there were never more than about 150 members, but because members were required to post at least once each month, it was a fairly active group. It was a good place to seek advice or just compare notes with people who share a common interest in establishing and maintaining an FLR. There are a lot of crappy FemDom websites out there, but even though I had trouble identifying with some of the group members, this was one of the best for practical, no-nonsense information about female led relationships.

And VOT is coming
The ladies who run the Yahoo Venus on Top Forum are working on an improved VOT website to promote female led relationships (see like to current site at right). They say the revised site will be up and running soon and will be a non-threatening place where vanilla-oriented women can go to learn more about this lifestyle. Not only will this help fill the void left by the defunct forum mentioned above, the fact that the intention is to be "vanilla with a twist", it may prove to be a very valuable new source that will help advance the FLR cause.


Anonymous said...


I have only recently found your blog. I just love the pics of sculptures. They also remind me of a great 19th C painting - L'Origine du monde

Good on you for hanging together through some tough times. I hope things improve for you both and those close to you.


helpmate hubby said...

that is great news that they are trying to revamp VOS. Thanks for letting us know!

Anonymous said...

I also have just found your blog and thank you for taking a common sense approach. I am trying to chronicle our lifestyle as well, us being relative newcomers. Seeing your blog is inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I too am more than a little disconsolate that Goddess Aradias forum has closed by the time I write this.I felt it a very real community and by far the best I have found on the computer other than perhaps Informed Consent.

Doug said...

I can truly sympathize with life getting in the way, we too have had a very crazy last five years with several deaths in the family and a couple of major illnesses. And I think my wife and I have grown stronger through all of this adversity. We continue to struggle with finding the right balance in our version of a female led marriage.

Mistress Lola said...

This is good to know. I really appreciate this blog -- thank you for keeping it.

Amanda's Knight said...

i am excited about introducing my wife to Venus on Top. i have recently outed myself to Her regarding what i have hidden from everyone, save for some Professional Dominatrices. Now a 23 year old lie can be buried, and i can live the life i have dreamed of. i enjoy the Wife-Led Marriage blog very much, and introduce Mistress Amanda to as many good sites as She cares to read as we fulfill our own journey.