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I recently read where one submissive man sometimes sniffs his wife’s dirty panties to motivate himself to do household chores. Another commented he does the same but never felt comfortable enough to talk about it because he thought he was the only one to do so. I know I’ve touched on this before, but it got me to thinking about this once again.

When I was in college, Philip Roth had recently published his novel, Portnoy’s Complaint, which, along with another of his novels, Goodbye Columbus, was turned into a movie. I read Portnoy’s Complaint because one of my creative writing professors happened to be a friend of Philip Roth and so he often referred to Roth’s prose as part of his lectures. In the book, the main character, Alex Portnoy discusses with his therapist various props he uses during masturbation. The eventual movie was not so explicit as the book, but I remember a scene showing Richard Benjamin, as Portnoy, sitting on the toilet with a pair of women’s panties over his head.

As I recall, the scene drew laughter from the men in the audience, but it sounded controlled to a point where it left me wondering if they laughed because they found it wildly outlandish, or because they identified with what Portnoy was secretly doing in that bathroom. I thought about that a lot afterwards. I would look at other men and wonder. I knew I had something in common with the fictional character. I knew it was something I would do again—because I enjoyed everything about panties. I liked how they looked, on and off a woman. I liked seeing her put them on and take them off. I liked how they felt in my hand when I touched them. And oh, I so enjoyed sniffing the aroma that permeates the crotch after a woman has worn them. But it wasn’t until I read the book and saw the movie that I began to wonder if maybe I wasn’t the only “pervert” to find such pleasure. Lord, a person can be so naïve can he not?

Fast forward some thirty years and I now understand that good old-fashioned panty sniffing is nearly universal among men and has nothing to do with being submissive or otherwise. There just ain’t many a man who has not sniffed, and probably worn, his wife’s or girlfriend’s panties. He may not do it often, may not admit to doing it at all, but this is only because he thinks it’s somehow wrong or he may be perceived as being “perverted.” This was me, for many years, until I met the remarkable Goddess V. Perhaps it was because I found her so sexy, or because I fell so deeply in love with her, or maybe even because she became the best friend I’ve ever had, but I absolutely could not resist temptation. Especially because she knows about this side of me, anything having to do with her panties remains one of my greatest and simplest pleasures in life.

I think it could be the same for many men, in many more relationships than it currently is. It may stem from a preoccupation with women’s underwear in general. Let’s face it, compared to the vast array of panties women wear, boxers and tidy whities are BORING. More likely, it may be indicative of the power female sexuality holds over men. We’ve all heard men tell the joke about the blind man passing the fish market who says, “Good morning, ladies,” but the truth is, men are irresistibly drawn to the very female genitalia about which they concoct crude jokes. So it only makes sense they would be drawn to the garment worn closest to that part of the female anatomy.

Are women aghast at this? Do they find it disgusting, or at best, a distasteful male trait? Maybe so. One has difficulty imagining that many women sniff dirty boxer shorts, so why should anyone expect that women would understand why men do what we do. But so what? Isn't it enough to simply understand that men and women are wired differently--and let it go at that? Instead of regarding this particular difference as something that might separate a man and a woman in a relationship, why not embrace it and use it to bring them closer together? Whether in a FLR or not, it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to see how a woman might use this as a tool that will work to her advantage. My imagination may be overly fertile, but it seems to me the possibilities are nearly endless. And when you consider how impossibly complicated life seems to be getting in today’s world, isn’t it remarkable that a woman might use something as simple as her panties to motivate a man, make him more attentive to her needs, and of course turn him on in ways that will make him a very happy, loyal and satisfied camper.


faninho said...

Yes, it's fun. And your fine posting about this topic as well.

You're totally right: the world wouldn't be so complicated if only the proper use of simple panties would be more considered...

faninho said...

I just wanted to add that "The Dying Animal" by P.Roth has the description of a total addiction to a women as well in this sense (sents)- and how to come along with it when life changes to "reality" -(which normally only means to the bad ...., why?)

VeezKnight said...


I'm not so sure the answer to uncomplicating our lives is as simple as panties, but what the hell, I'm willing to give it a try... :)

But to your point about reality, sadly it does often equate with being "bad" or at least being less than desirable. When you figure out why that is, be sure to let me know.

Then again, my reality last night included a wonderful dinner with a beautiful woman, on a spectacular summer evening, outside, by the water. And later that night I discovered the panties Goddess V had worn that evening.... under my pillow case.

Kinda funny when you see that last part in black and white, isn't it? There's that word again: FUN. Damn, what a terrific woman I am marriage to. Reality is sometimes VERY good.

RL said...

The appeal of female lingerie is really pretty well known. Only the most prudish would find that odd or weird.

faninho said...

Now that's a nice story! How great She is. And I can see some humor in it as well. Well I mostly love the female more than a pantie, but as a reminder on her under the pillow like that I'd love it too.

How nice reality is from time to time...
(And I'd say: reality is just what happens, so why not love reality...:-) )
Thank you for sharing this nice bedroom -picture.

Anonymous said...

I adore the smell of dirty knickers. Just to turn them inside out then pad up the crotch, hold it against my nose, breath out to warm them and then inhale the magical smell is sheer heaven. I like to name the smells as piss, pussy and poo. All smell great. The front smells of fragrant but strong dried urine, the middle smells of gorgeous,fragrant, slightly fishy pussy and at the back, if lucky, is a small brownish bottom stain which, quite incredibly,can smell utterly pleasant. On this note, I like the smell on my finger after gently touching a woman's anus. This smell can be off putting in certain circumstances but 80% or more of the time it has a lovely fragrance not a bit as one would expect.
My favourite smell by a mile.
I am not a submissive male but if a woman made me lie on the floor, face up and then, lifted her skirt and squatted down on my nose, supporting herself I would probably never want to move from the spot.

Anonymous said...

I love the aroma left in my wonderful wife's panties. She puts her panties into to my pillow case daily so that I can sleep with them on my pillow. Boy am I lucky.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have agreed to let me wear panties 24/7. I have over 25 pairs. I don't wear hers, she is smaller than me and also she wears very small bikinis or thongs. She has bought me size 7 Vanity Fair Body Caress and Jockey Tactel Hip Briefs. I don't wear pinks or bows, she likes me in black, brown, tan, red and white. They really are made for a man with a wider crotch area. Try either of them, you'll never want to wear any other underwear. Really, really silky and comfortable, and very stimulating having them on all day and night

Anonymous said...

I sent in the above post. My wife read it and told me to add to it. She wants me to inform the readers that having your husband wear panties is very submissive, and adds that orgasm denial while wearing silky panties is a great form of teasing, which is what she does to me. I must wait for at least 1 month before there is any chance she will allow me release. I am allowed inside her once in a while, but only for 4 to 6 strokes, her choice naturally, and with a stern warning not to release. The consequences would be severe should I disobey her. I never would!