Thank You...

| all for your kind words of sympathy—on behalf of Goddess V and myself. I honestly didn’t expect them when I wrote my last post, so they were an unexpected surprise.

To date, more of the comments to my last post were from the ladies who visit this blog. Considering that most readers are male, and comments are typically made by them, I found this interesting. But as I think about it, this shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s yet another indication that women are superior when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s further proof (to me anyway) that if a man will put the well-being of a personal relationship entirely into the hands of the woman he loves, there is a much greater chance the relationship will flourish.

My Dad was only 53 when he died and was long gone when I met my second wife, Goddess V. I know he would love so many things about her, but probably would be mystified if he knew the truth about the lifestyle we have embarked on. So would many others. Oddly enough, we’ve had no problem being open with most everyone about our appreciation for nudism, but otherwise, we keep the rest under wraps. Although I will say that Goddess V seems increasingly less inclined to be secretive about her goddess status, but always in a not-too-serious manner. I would not be surprised if eventually she decided to “out” us to certain acquaintances if and when it seemed appropriate.

We are indeed fortunate people. Goddess V and I look around us and see too many miserable people, some are in relationships and some are… searching… for something. There have been several occasions where we have lost friends, and Goddess V thinks it is because some people see us as being too damn happy as a couple, which breeds envy and eventually contempt. Unfortunately, there has yet to be a situation where we felt it would do any good to be open about the lifestyle we are pursuing. People need to be ready to hear any given message, so it wouldn’t have done any good to offer guidance on how they might improve their relationship.

Right now that leaves this blog, yours and other sites like them. Hopefully they may encourage readers to take the plunge. Then too there’s a support function to consider for those of us already in a FemDom relationship. Goddess V and I are not as far along in this lifestyle as you and your husband and there are times when my submissive feelings can be a source of frustration for me. I, for one, find encouragement in what you write on your Oral Worship blog. Not only does it help validate my own thoughts and feelings, it also helps strengthen my resolve. Thank you for that.

And thank you to all of you who maintain FemDom blogs and websites. Let's stick together and keep promoting FemDom and loving female authority.


Richard said...

Ouch. Your earlier post really did touch me. But I'm only a few years younger. So it hit upon my own mortality. I've always striven to be brave thinking about these things but really know how weak I am.

And my Beloved is about half my age. While that might sound really sexy to people who don't understand it imposes a real task on me to insure that when I pass I leave her as much as I can. Not material crap but a serenity that makes it easier for her to move on when I'm gone.

Andrew Landers said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experience with us in Cyberspace.

Your appeal for those of us in female led relationships to provide each other with support, struck a chord with me.

My Queen and I have been married a long time but only in the last five years has our marriage become female led and become the happiest time of our lives. I explain how that came about in the opening post of my Blog:

We all craft our relationships in unways unique to our situation, personalities and experience. I look forward to sharing with and learning from you and others, who may have more experience, our ongoing journey in this adventure.

Wishing you ongoing happiness.